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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa Read My Blog!

Well, not about the HotHands. I think I waited too late to document that request. I'm sure he already had the sleigh loaded and didn't have time to run in Academy or Wal Mart to pick up some of those. I would imagine there wouldn't be any lying around in his workshop, since the elves probably have to put them in their little pointed boots to keep their toes warm. After all, it is quite chilly at the North Pole, so I'm told. So I'll give old Santa a break about not bringing the HotHands this year, and pick up some myself next time I go to the store. Maybe he'll bring me a case next year.
He did, however, see to it that I received a very special present, from a very special person, who knows me so well! I stopped by to see DJ and David a couple of days before Christmas, and they presented me with a groovy new tool kit to use with the Cricut machine. What a perfect gift! However... in the bottom of the bag was the sweetest thing of all. My own personal stash of cloves stick candy!!! I don't recall ever telling her how much I love that candy. She must have remembered it from reading this blog post. ...[Well, maybe we did talk about the old candy store, but I'm the kind of person who forgets five minutes later what we talked about. So if we talked about it, I don't remember. See what I mean?] ...

You know, I just love it when somebody does an extra special something like that. Such a thoughtful gesture. Though it may seem such a small thing when compared to other Christmas gifts, it really is a very, very big thing to me. My favorite gifts are always those from the heart, especially when it is something that I have mentioned in passing that would bring me pleasure. Thank you, DJ, for knowing me so well. Thank you for your years of continued loyal friendship, and for being a safe harbour during the times I'm tossed about in the storms of life. Thanks for your advice (heeded or not!), for the strong shoulder, for the laughs, the tears, and everything else we share that constitutes the perfect mix for the perfect friend. I love you!!


  1. I LOVE clove stick candy - will you share?

  2. Joyce, you mustn't have read the link, or you would know what the answer would be!! (But I might make an exception for you!!)