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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, Monday!

My goodness.  Mondays sure seem to come around quickly these days.  Steve has been working seven days a week since we returned from the beach, and the heat has been brutal.  I'm right in the middle of an eleven-day work week myself.  We both could use some serious down time.  Yet we are thankful for work, and I am especially thankful for an indoor job.  We're counting the days until we return to our favorite spot on the beach, The Treadwell Hilton.  That excursion is a mere 11 weeks away, and with time whizzing by at warp speed, it will be here before we know it.  We're looking forward to my parents traveling with us this time.  Our friends DJ & David, BJ & Chris will be over there as well, so it is shaping up to be another perfect birthday at the beach!!!  I do love the beach in autumn, and it's so nice to have something to look forward to.  Our vacation/honeymoon was absolutely perfect.  It has been so crazy busy since our return that I still haven't posted photos.  And speaking of honeymoons... I highly recommend the "delayed" honeymoon thing.  You may remember that our original wedding date was June 22, with the beach trip immediately following.  We may be old geezers, but when it came to getting married, we were like kids waiting for Christmas, and decided to jump in and just do the thing, but decided to keep the honeymoon as originally scheduled in June.  I'm so glad we did it that way.  No wedding stress/exhaustion to worry with.  I moved my stuff in on Saturday after the wedding, hooked up my computer, and was back to work on Monday.  I did take off Easter Sunday, to enjoy a nice long weekend with the new hubby.  By the time our honeymoon rolled around, we were already accustomed to living together, already knew that we liked being together all the time (haha), and had a couple of months to look forward to and plan for our trip.  Yes.  I highly recommend the delayed honeymoon thing.  Now we can't wait to go back, and look forward to spending time with my parents and the best friends ever. Only eleven more Mondays to go....

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