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Friday, November 4, 2011

Thirty Days of Thanks

During the month of November, many of my Facebook friends list each day something for which they are thankful.  I love reading these posts!!  I thought about participating, but I'm already three days behind.  I did the same thing last year.  Instead, I listed a month's worth of Thankful Things on my blog, and decided to do the same thing this year.  Most all of us will list, first and foremost, our obvious blessings:  Faith, Family, Friends, Employment.  Those are the big ticket items, and I am most assuredly thankful for all of those.  I can't imagine life without them.  I'm going to try to dig a little deeper, and find more specific things that I consider blessings. Some are silly, some are serious.  But all are things that make my life what it is, and for these things, I am thankful.

1. Falling in love and getting married in my 50s when I said I'd never do it again.
2. Sweet little grand baby faces that light up when they see Greemaw.
3. Parents who are healthy enough to enjoy the great-grandchildren, and love babysitting them!
4. My heated keyboard.
5. A husband who can fix things. And build things.
6. The ability to listen objectively to both sides. 
7. Spell Check.
8. Google.
9. Facebook. 
10. Forgiveness.
11. Music.
12. Creativity.
13. Take out food. 
14. The best co-workers ever.
15. The love of reading.
16. The love of writing.
17. Calculators (No love for math!)
18. Knowing who has my back (and who doesn't)
19. Working from home.
20. Early detection. 
21. Growing up in a small town.
22. A grateful heart.
23. Opportunities to do good. 
24. Girl time. 
25. A sense of humor (which sometimes only Whitney "gets")
26. Digital photography.
27. Salad.
28. Reading glasses at the $1.00 store. (I buy them 10 at a time)
29. The American soldier. 
30. School teachers, policemen, and firemen. 

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