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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wednesday.  Hump Day.  I've never really liked the sound of that, but it is what it is.  And now Wednesday is "over-the-hump day" for me instead of Tuesday.  Normally, tomorrow (Thursday) would be my Friday, but since I've changed my work schedule to M-F instead of S-Th, I now share the same hump day with most everyone else. In my line of work, it's nearly impossible to get a M-F gig, so I'm especially grateful for an accommodating manager and director.  It was pretty much just a matter of exchanging the agency coverage hours from Friday to Sunday, but several things had to fall into place for that to happen.  An MT's work is never done; we provide 24/7 coverage... including weekends and holidays.  Illness and accidents don't keep M-F hours, and hospitals never close.  Therefore somebody's gotta keep the work flowing.  

Thankfully, everything worked out to facilitate the change, and here it is... the first week of my new schedule.  I was off this past Sunday, and enjoyed a great day with my husband.  Even sweeter, it was our one-year anniversary!  

No doubt, it will take a little adjustment to get accustomed to the change.  Working Sundays wasn't such a big deal before I got myself a boyfriend, and then a husband.  But my crazy Sunday hours, followed by even crazier Monday hours, really did make it difficult to spend enough time together. Lots of times on Saturdays he is tied up with projects, and it seemed like we were just two ships passing in the night.  

The only GOOD thing about working on Sundays was being off on Fridays.  Oh yeah, I really liked that!  I was able to take care of business matters and appointments, have a little "me" time, and spend time with the grandbabies.  I'll miss that, no doubt.  But... it is super exciting to know that if I want to go out of town for the weekend, I can.  If I want to go to the family cookout, I can.  Or, if I just want to take a nap and be lazy... I can.  And I'll be on the same work schedule as Steve, which is the most important reason of all!!

I think I'm gonna like Wednesdays.  But not as much as I'm gonna love Sundays!!!

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  1. Yay! Good to see you're blogging again. Congrats on the anniversary and the change to your schedule.