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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Is there a "repeat" button for Mother Nature?  Like on a CD player?  You know - so you can listen to the same song over and over again?  If you know where I can find one for Mother Nature, please tell me before the night is over.  I'd like to press the "repeat" button for the next seven months.  Today was the most perfect weather day!  I've not heard the weather report, so I don't know what the high temperature was for today, but it doesn't matter what Glen Burns says.  I was outside IN the weather, and for me it was perfect.

It was the perfect day to sit outdoors, read a book, or take a nap - although I did not do that.  It was the perfect day for bike or motorcycle riding - although I didn't do that either.  It was pretty much the perfect day for any outdoor activity.  Maybe a bit cool for swimming, but that would only be because the water would be too cool.  It was the perfect day for some outdoor work - which is what I did today.  I broke a sweat a few times, but mostly it was perfectly pleasant.

My home is on a friendly street, located in a nice neighborhood, affectionately known as The 'Hood.   It is not heavily forested, so I have a hard time understanding where all the leaves come from.  The greater part of my afternoon was spent with the blower, rearranging the snowdrift-like piles of leaves from up against the fence, strategically spreading them evenly over my yard - with the plan being to mulch them over with my mower tomorrow afternoon.  It's clean-up week here in town, so I also cleaned out the shed that is attached to my storage building. It looks so very nice and tidy under there now!!!  I even got very brave and went behind the shed and cleaned out the four or five years' worth of inflatable swimming pools, tarps, and  associated paraphernalia.  Right now there's a huge pile of junk in my back yard, waiting for my dad to bring the trailer over tomorrow afternoon so we can haul it down to the dumpsters in town.

I'm really hoping we can get that toilet off my patio, too.  When I moved back to The 409, I replaced the toilet in my master bathroom, and the old one has been sitting on my patio ever since.  The kids think it is such a novelty, and they have to go "see the toilet on the patio" when they visit Greemaw.  How funny is THAT!?  Whitney and I tried to move it over to the pile today - but that dang thing weighs a ton.  I wonder if someone has hidden a dead body in the tank or something?  I'm going to be so sad if we can't haul it away.  I'm really hoping to enjoy some outdoor time on the patio this spring/summer, and there's just something about having a toilet out there that's just not conducive to the ambiance I'm trying to achieve.  I guess I could turn it into a water feature, or a planter, or something - but I'd really rather just send it to toilet heaven and be done with it.

It was a wonderfully quiet weekend.  (Except for that Girls Gone Wild thing on Friday night...)  Productive weekends make me happy.  Because even as busy as I was, and as much as I got done, there are still mountains of maintenance/improvement projects yet unfinished. The beautiful weather motivates me to get busy and check those items off my to-do list, so that I'll have time at the end of the day to enjoy the weather, the outdoors, and my good friends and neighbors here in The 'Hood.

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