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Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekends Rock!

Well, it's actually Monday already.  So I'll be back at the desk again in a few hours to get the work-week
started.  Leyland and Corey came over yesterday around noon, and we hung out here at The 409 all afternoon.  They did some crafting, while I did my chores.  Later, we did a CiCi's pizza run for a quick bite to eat.

[And can I just say here how wonderful it is that they're big enough to fix their own plates?  It doesn't take much to make me happy these days.  But, truly, they are at the best age!!  Still young enough to do the cute, silly, kid stuff, and enjoy snuggling with Greemaw - but old enough to take care of a lot of things themselves, and not require constant supervision. It's fabulous!!!]   Though I do miss those sweet tiny babies....   But I digress...

After 'dinner', we visited with Nany and Pawpoo.  The kids had not been to see them since they moved, and were so excited to see the new place.  We played the "I've Got A Secret" game, and Nany got her giggle box turned over.  She was trying to whisper "Clem Kadiddlehopper" to Leyland, but I don't think she was ever able to actually say it.  She was laughing so hard she couldn't speak.  Haha!  Makes me happy to see people laugh and have fun.  We all enjoyed the visit.

This morning I was awakened by two little snuggle bunnies crawling into bed with me.  My favorite way to start the day!!!  After a little cuddling, we had breakfast and made it to church barely in time.  It was a very sad and emotional day - Ken's last Sunday.  I am terrible at goodbyes, and DJ and I bawled pretty much the entire time.  We'll miss them so much.  So many hearts broken - so much that could be said.  But here is another situation where we have to trust that God has a plan - and our lack of understanding doesn't alter the plan.  So we trust, and know that even though we can't see around the bend in the road, we do not travel it alone. Godspeed, Ken and Debbie.  We love you, and will miss you.

I'm still hanging onto that trust for my own situation as well.  The devotional readings from my Jesus Calling book are still spot on, and give me daily reminders about that bend-in-the-road thing.  And I'm so thankful I don't travel it alone.  Nothing to share at the moment regarding the job search, but I remain hopeful.

This afternoon I tackled the New Cable Box challenge  - and happy to say I am victorious!  So glad to get that old dinosaur box out of here!  The install and setup process was easy.  And I only had to make one quick phone call to customer service to get them to send a refresh signal so that all my channels would tune in, and that was it.  Yay!  

Lasagna for dinner at DJ and David's, snuggling with adorable 7-week-old kittens, visiting with family and friends rounded out the day.  Yep.  Weekends Rock!!  I'm ready to do it all over again.  Is it Friday yet?

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