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Friday, August 6, 2010


What a great week it has been for Corey and Leyland (and Greemaw!!!)  Our babysitter disaster turned out to be a huge blessing.  Two days before we needed her, the lady who had committed to come to my house and keep the munchkins called with the news that she wouldn't be able to do it after all.  Whitney took a chance that Rhonda might be interested in the gig, and gave her a call.  Sure enough, she was available... and willing. 

Now, I've known Rhonda since she and Whitney were in 2nd grade. She has spent many nights at my house. I've chaperoned many trips with them.  I probably know more about her than I should... haha... but what I didn't know was that she is SO FABULOUS with children!  Corey and Leyland fell in love with her, and Leyland even announced that Miss Rhonda is her best friend.  It is good for children to spend time with someone other than their parents/grandparents.  Leyland went to school from January to May this year, but other than that, they've never known anything but staying home with Mom, Dad and Greemaw.  Miss Rhonda was a breath of fresh air.  She was very attentive to them, played with them, and let them watch their favorite tv station (Sprout).  All. Day. Long.  Her greatest accomplishment?  No More Pappy!!!  Leyland and Corey have been addicted to their pacifiers (pappy) since birth.  They gave them up a little less than a year ago, but then Corey got sick and begged so pitifully that he got it back.  Then Leyland started swiping it, and soon they were both addicted again.  On Tuesday when Miss Rhonda was leaving, Leyland decided to give her the pappy to take home to her dog.  Guess what???  No pappy for Leyland since then!  And, Miss Rhonda only let Corey have his pappy during nap time.  AMAZING! And tonight, Corey even went to bed without the pappy!  She also taught them to leave their sippy cups on the ledge, go over and take a drink, and put the cup back.

I invited her to move in with us.  :-)

Unfortunately, we only got to have her here with us for one day last week, and then four days this week.  (An opening at the daycare center here in town became available, and we had to take it now or lose it.  Corey starts the daycare center on Monday, and then Leyland starts at Hope on the 23rd.)  I'm thinking that if they'd had a couple more weeks with her they'd be cleaning their rooms and doing their own laundry. 

Thanks, Miss Rhonda, you are loved, and you will be missed!!

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