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Friday, August 27, 2010

Why I Hate My Laptop

I had a FABULOUS post all typed out.  Several long paragraphs.  I'm sitting with the laptop propped up against my deck in an uncomfortable position.  I sneezed.  Somehow the entire post was highlighted and I hit a key at the same time and the whole stinkin' thing disappeared.


I just don't have the heart to type it all over again.  I simply MUST figure out why it is that my desktop computer won't access the internet.  I have three other computers in this house that will access the internet.  There are two wireless laptops, and one I use for work that is straight wired (however through the same wireless router).  I took my desktop to the Geek Squad, and they could access it down there both wirelessly and wired.  So I don't know why it won't do it here at home.  Comcast says it's the Dell computer.  Dell says it's Comcast.  ....sigh.... what's a computer illiterate supposed to do??? 

But I will attempt to figure it out.  Because I really do hate trying to do serious typing on this silly laptop.  When I'm working on my book, I use a peripheral keyboard, but I don't usually drag it out for everyday surfing.

It has been a while since I posted, an I had a good story to share tonight.  I'm sorry you missed it.  Maybe I'll be inspired to try it again tomorrow night.  Just do me a favor.  Laugh.  Because it was really funny.  So just take my word for it and go on and have yourself a good laugh.  The endorphins will do you good.  :-)

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  1. HATE when that happens! If you don't do anything else after it vanishes, you can sometimes get it back with Control Z (undo).