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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Cake, Part 2

Okay, so I know you're just dying to see the final results of the cake.  We're happy with the results, but keep in mind this was an EXPERIMENT, and my anal self has to remember that first attempts often fall short of perfection.  I would have liked for the polka dots to have been perfect circles, but seeing as how we hand-rolled each little ball of fondant, then smooshed it into a circle, perfection was impossible.  The "real" cake will also have trim work on it.  You know what I mean, the "molding" stuff where the cake meets the plate, and where the first layer meets the second layer.  I'm sure there are professional terms to describe what I'm talking about, but, hey... I don't know anything about cake decorating, so I'll just call it "molding", or "trim work".  So please view the photo with a forgiving attitude, and remember... this IS our first one... drum roll please...

And in case anyone is wondering, the top level is NOT Mexican cornbread!  :-)

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