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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Old Things

My dad will be 80 years old in June.  80 years.  Eight decades.  Wow.  That's a lot of years.   And my dad has packed a lot of living and learning in those 80 years.  As a young boy, he waited in the chicken house with his dad while Santa Clause (and the good doctor) brought his baby sister into the world on Christmas Day.  He learned to work the fields and tend the livestock with my grandfather.  His leg was shattered in a milling accident, and he still bears the scars.  Fortunately, a good surgeon saved the leg, and it has caused no problems in subsequent years.  As a young man he served his country in the Air Force as a communications specialist.  Shortly after leaving the Armed Forces, he met and married my mom, and 16 months later he became a father.  4 years and 11 months later, my baby brother was born, and our family was complete.

My brother and I enjoyed the proverbial "Anything your daddy can do, our daddy can do better."  I speak the truth.  We were the lucky kids, the ones whose parents resolved to stick it out through thick and thin, and who held together when times were tough.  Our daddy worked hard every day, then came home at night and was a *real* daddy to us.  Not like the daddies of today, who have one ear plugged with a Blue Tooth, one hand on the remote, and one hand on the cell phone.  Nope, he played with us kids, fixed things around the house, helped his neighbors any way possible, and built things.  He has always been a builder.  Whether it be a garden shed, a greenhouse, a newfangled carburetor (which he should have had patented!), or a toy from a wooden spool, a toothpick, a rubber band, and a chunk of soap that could be wound up and would roll across the floor.  Magic, I tell you!  He built much of the house in which they live.  He built toy chests for the grandchildren, numerous bookcases and a beautiful pie safe for my home.

We cherish all of the things that he has built with his hands.  Perhaps the most amazing thing that he has built, though, is a car.  That's right, a car.  As a young boy, he always dreamed of building a car from scratch.  (Go figure... I guess it was a "boy thing".)   Since the age of 16, he has had the dream of building a particular model of a car.  An Oldsmobile Model R.  A year or so ago found him realizing his dream, as he researched the project and located the plans that he would need.   He ordered materials, doodled things on paper, read manuals, and talked about his project to his friends.  He cleaned out his "building" to make room for the project, and greased up his saws and presses, and prepared for The Big Day.  Finally he was able to begin the adventure.  He would disappear for hours, "piddling around", making a little progress every day.  My mom would get a report of what he had accomplished that day.  Finally things started to take shape, and you could really see that all those piles of wood and metal were coming together to form something... and as time went on, it became evident that it was indeed a car!  Not the kind of car we use today.  The body of it looks more like a carriage.  (At one point in assembly, I told him it looked like Santa's Sleigh.  I don't think he much appreciated that.)

Hours and hours of determination and dedication have resulted in The Car My Daddy Built.  It is really cool!!  He is so proud and excited, as he very well should be.  He has taken it to several car shows, and has won several awards.  This past Saturday he won a 6' trophy, for being The Favorite of the show's sponsors.  How exciting!

We are so thankful for the continued good health of our dad.  And so very thankful that he is industrious and ambitious, regardless of his age.  His mind is sharp and his hands remain skilled and talented.  This project, we feel, has been instrumental in maintaining these blessings.

Yes, we are very proud of all that he has built in his lifetime.  And The Car is no exception.  But what we are most proud and grateful for is the relationships he has built with his family and friends, and with God.  We love you dad!!!

My dad and The Car will be at the Sunflower Festival in Statham this Saturday.  If you're in town, drop by and take a look.  He would love to tell you all about it!!!  Here are a couple of photos of the finished product, and of his latest award.


  1. great story Cathy, thank you for sharing your love and fond memories

  2. Way to go Dad!!

    Good story Cathy, he is all that and more.