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Friday, March 25, 2011


Okay, so today we are in serious spring-cleaning mode at The 409.  Serious.  When the box of trash bags was empty, I took a little trip down to our local Dollar General Store to pick up some more.  When I entered the store, I saw an elderly gentleman seeking the assistance of the young cashier in locating an item.  When I returned to the register with my trash bags and Magic Eraser, the young girl was squatted down getting something from a bottom shelf.  I heard the old geezer talking to her.  He was right down in her face, and saying things like "I thought you were much younger than that.  You look like you are about 15."  She said "No sir, I'm in my 20s".  He says "Well you sure do look young.  You look real good.  You are good lookin' woman"... etc.  He finally moved so she could get up and come around the register to check me out.  I made eye contact with her, and we both just looked at each other like "What??"  He fell in line behind me, and just kept on talking to her, telling her how attractive she is, and he sure did think she was a lot younger.  Finally, the assertive side of me could stand it no longer.  He said it one more time, and I turned to him and said, "Well, if you thought she is only 15 years old, you'd best be careful what you say to her!"  Then he started in "Oh, I'm not flirting with her, I just think she is beautiful, etc."

Can I just say a few words here?

1.  Gag!
2.  Really?
3.  Creepy!!

I had to hurry home with my purchases, otherwise I would have stayed to make sure the nut-job left  without further (what I consider) harassment. There were three or four other employees in the store, or I wouldn't have left the girl in there alone with the pervert.  I'm quite sure she could outrun him, as he was sort of hobbling along with a cane, but I still wouldn't have left.

The whole thing grosses me out, and though I've never hit anyone in my life, much less an elderly person, I really want to punch him.  Seriously.

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