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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


What a great weekend it was!! Friday I had lunch with a present co-worker and two former co-workers who I hadn’t seen in years. So much fun to catch up with each other. Of course there were pictures, (well, except for Sandra, who dropped her phone in the pool and lost all her photos) and the usual remarks of “My how he/she has grown!!!” All our kids were so much younger then, and the world was a different place. Joyce and I now have grandkids, and had to show them off. I was the only one with a new husband, though, so I took along a few wedding photos to share. They all thought my Stevie Jay to be quite the handsome gentleman, and assured me that he was lucky indeed to have found me. (They fulfilled their girlfriend obligations very nicely.) I’m sure the sparkle they saw in my eyes proves that I am the lucky one. We sat chatting for probably half an hour before even bothering to visit the salad/pizza bar. Pam’s sweetheart was at home waiting for her to return so they could leave for a weekend adventure in their new camper, so when our plates were clean, the conversation followed us into the aisles of Mazzio’s, and then out the door. It’s always good to see Pam and get one of her special hugs, and wonderful to see my old friends Joyce and Sandra again. We left with the promise to do it again soon.

After lunch, I went to The 409 to pick up Leyliebug for a sleepover. She was so excited to come to Greemaw and Papa Steve’s house “All by myself. All alone. Just me. Not Corey and Mary. Just Leyliebug.” We had such a sweet time. I miss them terribly, and get to spend so little time with them. Corey is a little lovebug too, but with the age difference, he requires a little more, shall we say… “maintenance”, whereas Leyliebug is all about the love, being cute, sharing “secrets”, playing dress up and Knock-Knock jokes. I decided to spend some one-on-one time with them so we could enjoy age-appropriate activities, bedtimes, etc. Besides, I want them to have special memories of time alone with Greemaw, where I can make them all feel as special as they are. Leyland has already declared herself my favorite, so I have to be careful to tell her she is my favorite Leyliebug, Corey is my favorite little man, and Mary is my favorite big girl. How do they get so competitive at such a young age? She told her mom that she is coming back again before Corey or Mary, so she can come two times before they come over even once. She and I had to run to the store to pick up a few things, and she was such a good little girl! She sat in the buggy playing with my phone the entire time. We sang silly songs and shared tight hugs.  I'm sure I was the envy of every grandma in Wal Mart. Not many things are sweeter than a freshly-bathed grandbaby, smelling nice and clean with shiny hair, snuggling in your lap. She soon fell fast asleep on the sofa, with Laddie at her feet and her baby doll at her side.

Saturday was the annual Dunahoo 4th of July gathering at The Lake. Yep, I’m fully aware that the date was July 30, not July 4. That’s just how we roll. Sometime over the years, with all the Snoops traveling about, and someone usually at the beach house for the holiday, we gave up trying to get together for the 4th. One of the Senior Snoops will choose a random date in late July or August. As long as someone chooses the date, the rest will come. Steve has been working 7 days a week since we returned from the beach, but decided to take the day off on Saturday so he could join me. It was wonderful having him with me. He fits right in with the family, and everyone is crazy about him. I’m pretty sure the thing that makes them love him so much is seeing how happy he makes me. Sometimes it’s a crazy family, but they are my crazy family, and I am so blessed.

After a time of great food, fun, and family, we enjoyed a lazy late afternoon/evening at home. When we returned from The Lake, Jason had cleared all his belongings out of the house, and was settling in to his new apartment, so it was just Stevie Jay, me, and the pup. After a restful evening and a good night’s sleep, Sunday morning crept up on us, and of course, I was late for church. Steve went to Jenny’s to work on her hot water heater, and missed church again. My mom said people are going to wonder if I still have a husband, it’s been so long since he has been able to go. Ha. Those Baptists. As if there’s not enough trouble in the world. And speaking of church, we’re soon going to be in the market for a new pastor, so all ya’ll preachers out there start sending in your resumes. A couple of Sundays ago, our pastor of 14 years announced his retirement beginning in November. It is bittersweet news for yours truly. I am delighted for anyone who is able to retire while young enough to enjoy it, yet I selfishly wonder what in the world I will do about Sunday School. He teaches a class for drifters, misfits, and rejects. At least that’s what I like to call us. He started a class several years ago for folks who weren’t already members of a class. A handful of folks started coming, and the most we had in common was how little in common we had with each other. All different ages, backgrounds, and levels of involvement. It was a diverse group, and we had a blast. Even now, folks just kind of drift in and out, with a few who have stayed the course over the years. I’ve learned a lot in this class… mostly that it’s okay to admit how little I really do know. Nobody is made to feel dumb, and questions are encouraged. That rascal preacher will throw out some trick questions from time to time, and he loves to trip us up. And then laugh at his own cleverness. Regardless of what topic he has prepared to discuss, if another subject comes up that bears attention, well, off we go on that tangent. For the first time ever (at church), I have felt free to express my thoughts and feelings, many of which are not the thoughts of your traditional Southern Baptist churchgoer. And they haven't kicked me out yet. I will miss the camaraderie, and the way we go about learning from each other. But, truly, I am happy for them. And though I will miss my special class of rebels and misfits, it will be a new chapter of church history for us, and I’m hoping God will have something exciting in store for us.

I’m now four days into my work week- tomorrow is my Friday! Leyland will attend Open House at school tomorrow to meet her teacher. As Mama Nay used to say… I’d love to be a fly on the wall to watch her at school. She is so stinkin’ smart! Corey has three days at Helping Hands Daycare under his belt, and so far no biting. Hopefully he won’t get kicked out again.

The weekend ahead is shaping up to be busy as well. I'm spending a few hours with the munchkins friday afternoon at The 409, and I’m hoping to get in a little girl time with DJ on Saturday. Maybe coffee on the deck (if the heat wave doesn’t melt the skin right off our bones), and perhaps a swim. One thing is for sure. It will be gone before I can blink.

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