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Saturday, August 13, 2011

School Days

Leyland's first week of school was a hit!  She loves it!  They are all doing really well with the new morning routine.  Well, except for one morning when she was grumpy because her mommy didn't have time (or hundreds of bobby pins) to put her hair in a ponytail.  She has a fashion sense of her own, and loves choosing her outfits, and I suppose her Wednesday outfit called for a ponytail.  Last Friday she was so brave while getting three booster shots at the office, but the very one required for admission to school was out of stock at the doctor's office.  They called this week saying it had arrived, we we needed to get her back in before they ran out again.  I had already made plans to have lunch with Leyliebug at school on Friday, so just a slight change of plans found her sleeping over on Thursday night, an early morning visit to Dr. Bo, and arrival at school just in time for 10:30 lunch.  I met her teacher, Miss Susie, and visited with her parapro, my scrapbooking friend, Miss Marie.  The children were all so cute, and most of them seemed to have adjusted to school just fine.  One little girl was having a tough time of it, and pretty much cried the entire time I was there.  Another little boy told Miss Susie "Guess what?  My daddy doesn't live with us any more.  He moved out."   She gave him some extra love, and said "That makes you sad, doesn't it!"  He was being so brave, but wanted to cry so badly, and said "Yes.  I wish he would move back home with us."  Very wisely, Miss Susie reminded him that his daddy loves him very much, and so does his mommy. Ripped my heart out.  I was fighting my own tears, and offered to take him into my arms for some hugs, but, of course, he declined.  As well he should... he didn't know me.  But still, being the mom of a little girl who experienced the separation and divorce of her parents, (only 2 years older than this little guy at the time)it hit close to home, and I just wanted to love on him a little bit.  My heart still hurts for him.  The children lined up in their "magic order", and off to the lunchroom we went.  Lunch was a piece of pizza bigger than the faces of some of the little kids, corn, salad, half a pear, and milk.  I didn't sign up for a plate, I just wanted to visit with the munchkin. The pizza wasn't half bad, and I actually did eat her tiny little salad. When it was almost time to clear the table and head back to class, I noticed her sitting a little closer to me, and the casual link of her arm through mine grew tighter and tighter.  She she was starting to sniffle a little bit, and I began dreading the separation process.  She's not one to have separation anxiety, but for some reason, she got really upset, and begged to "go home with you, and lay on your couch."  (She loves to sleep on the sofa at our house with the doggie.)  Miss Susie to the rescue again, and she asked Leyland to come stand with her.  I was afraid she would grab ahold of me and have to be pried away.  Thankfully Leyland went along with it, and I was able to leave.  It sure did hurt to walk away knowing she was softly crying, wanting to go with me.  I didn't dare turn back and look at her, for fear I'd end up being the one bawling.  Once I was out of sight, though, I'm sure she was fine.  She told her mom she had a good day.  Perhaps it was just a tad early to throw lunch visitors into the mix.  I think I'll wait a few weeks before going back. 

Not wanting Mary to feel left out, I had lunch with her as well.  She was so excited.  We sat at a special visitor's table, and she invited her little friend to come along with us.  Fourth graders are something else.  Mary is always lively and has an imagination like you wouldn't believe.  Her little friend trumps her, though.  As we were sitting there, the little girl said to me: "I'm supposed to be 13 years old!"  Me: "Oh, really?  How so?"  She:  "Well, 13 years ago, my mamma thought she was pregnant.  The doctor told her she wasn't, but she didn't believe him.  She was getting fat because she was eating for two people.  So at the end of nine months, she went to the hospital to have me.  But she only had gas."  Good thing I wasn't eating.  I probably would have choked. "But then a few years later, she had me.  But I'm really supposed to be 13 years old."  Me:  "Well, okay, then!"

Don't you know that schoolteachers must hear the funniest things!!  Sometimes sad things, too. 

Corey is continuing to do well at the daycare, but he started having hives, and will be seeing an allergist next week.  Say your prayers for him that all goes well until we can find out what's causing it.  

Spending the day with my sweetie today, watching John Wayne movies, and later we'll check out some movies I rented yesterday.  Homecoming tomorrow at church, then back to work. 

Looking forward to more school lunches, once I'm certain Leyliebug will be okay when it's time for me to leave. 

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