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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doctors, 2016, & Old Friends

Day Three of Staycation has come and gone.  Honestly, there must be something woven into the physics of vacation days that cause them to rush by with lightning speed.  My co-worker, Jeneine, was on vacation last week visiting her daughter and son-in-law in Texas.  I remember how quickly that week sped by for me, and couldn't help but think about her, knowing her time with family would fly by far too soon.  If I had spent the week at the beach like originally planned, the week would be over by now (ha) and I'd already be back at work.  Just something about the beach that puts vacation days at warp speed and it's over before it gets started good.  My last post contained a list of all the things I intended to get done this week.  Sometimes having a large to-do list motivates me.  And then sometimes it's like the funny poster:  "That moment when you have so much crap to do - you decide to take a nap instead."

Well, there haven't been any naps - yet - and I have been busy.  But my list doesn't seem to be growing any shorter.  I knew yesterday would be a bust as far as getting anything done around here, because I had some things to do away from home.  The day started off with a visit to the PCP.  Always fun.  Most folks, under stressful situations, will lose their appetite and often drop pounds.  Not so with yours truly.  I'm up EIGHT POUNDS in five months.  Boo.  I'm not surprised, though, as my eating habits have been even more atrocious since the move.  I have cooked twice, and the rest of the time it has either been take-out or something out of a box like PopTarts or Lean Cuisine (with Texas Garlic Bread = thousands of buttery calories!)  So that's another thing to add to my list.   Straighten up and fly right - get this eating thing under control again.  I wish we didn't even have to eat.  Just think.  No worrying about planning meals, no spending money on groceries, no slaving over a hot stove (cough, cough), no cleaning up the kitchen.  No counting calories or carbs.

Hang on - I gotta go toast my bagel and smother it with cream cheese - I'll be right back.

After the PCP, I stopped in for a session with the counselor.  I almost canceled that appointment, because, tough as it has been, I truly feel as though I've turned a corner in the grieving process, and I'm going to be okay.  Not foolish enough to think that there won't be tough times still ahead.  Sometimes the sadness descends upon me like a dark cloud - but thankfully, I am learning that it is only temporary, and no longer feel crippled by it.  Some days are giant steps forward, some days are baby steps forward, and there are still times that feel like I'm going backward.  But, it is what it is... and I'm moving forward, learning to cope.  The counselor was very pleased with my progress, but was careful to remind me that it's not a done deal, and to expect moments where I'm not feeling as strong, but to push through it, even if it feels like I can't.  Because I can.

Flu shot at the hospital.  I don't care what they say about it not being a live organism - last year I had a horrible time afterwards!!  I had a low-grade fever, and my joints not only ached when I moved them, they HURT - so badly that I couldn't even prop myself up or pick up anything heavy.  I'm hoping that's not the case this year!!  I've still got a few days to work on my to-do list!!

Lunch with Danette was most enjoyable!  We arrived at 2:20, and they close at 2:30.  Oh well... they lock the doors at 2:30 and re-open later for dinner... but said we could take our time eating and sit for a spell afterward.  Normally the time I spend with her is rush-rush and always work-related, so it was great to sit down and relax, and speak of something besides physicians and transcription.

I had sort of planned to catch the movie 2016 Obama's America after lunch, but when it was time to go, I just wasn't feeling it.  But - since I had to head out to that part of town to the Home Depot, I decided to go.  I wanted to see it, and knew if I didn't take this opportunity, that I probably never would.  This is sorta sad - but I can't tell you the last time I was in a movie theater.  Really, I can't.  It was awesome.  Ha!  The radio in my car won't fade to the back, and it has been a long time since I've had a nice home stereo system.  My auditory nerves went into fits of ecstasy when the music filled the room - and even though every single movie trailer of coming previews was for an animated film - the music was great!  Made me want to sneak into another theater and watch a *real* movie to get the full effects of the sound and the action on the big screen. I decided to stop being such a cheapskate and the next time a movie I really want to see comes out, I'm going to the movies and enjoy it.  I always have intentions of watching it on DVD, and then never seem to get around to it.  So, I'll treat myself to a night (or maybe matinee) at the movies.  But - I won't be spending 15.00 for popcorn and a Coke.  Good grief!  How do kids afford to go on dates any more?  Dinner and a movie would set a fella back a week's salary from his after-school job!  

But I digress.  2016.  Hmmm.  My review.  For starters, I'm not an Obama supporter.  No secret there.  Of course, I knew it was an anti-Obama production (I seriously doubt I'd have paid $5.50 to watch something that lauded him).  I already know that I'm not going to vote for him, so it wasn't something I needed to help me make up my mind. I just wanted to see it.  As far as my review - I didn't care for the cinematography.  I found it distracting.  I know they just want to keep it interesting, and not look like 20/20 interviews, but all the changing scenery, color scheme, and relatively loud music in the background was distracting.  The music score was great - and sounded super inside the theater - but was distracting when trying to listen to heavily-accented dialogue, and process the information being given.  I sat with my iPhone taking notes for things I wanted to check later.

Who we admire, who we choose as our mentors, who we surround ourselves with speaks far louder than words we say, and promises we make behind a podium.  The film brings to light the important people of President Obama's past, whose theologies he has embraced. College professors, pastor, mentors, etc.  It speaks of his father and grandfather, and examines quotes from his book The Dreams From My Father.  There are clips of "off the mike" comments made to other world leaders that could be interpreted as alarming.

Is it propaganda?  Absolutely.  Would I have gone to see it if it were anti-Romney?  Absolutely.  Will it have the desired effect?  Probably not.  Most Americans are satisfied to be spoon-fed what to believe, and consider themselves informed because they listen to Diane Sawyer at 7:00 every night.  And don't get me wrong - I love Diane Sawyer.  But I also love Sean Hannity and Neil Boortz - not because I agree with what they say, but because they make me QUESTION what Diane Sawyer (et al) says. Just because we hear it on the major network news or read it in the newspaper, doesn't make it so. There's a spin on everything.  I've always said there's the left, there's the right, and there's the truth.  Somewhere in between all the craziness of the liberal and conservative media.  As far as this film having an effect on the election, I don't think so.  Folks who are going to vote for him won't go see it.  Folks who are not going to vote for him still aren't going to vote for him.  The undecided ones are going to see it as a GOP effort to sway votes, and won't give it much credence.  I do find it interesting that we aren't hearing much about the film.  Certainly no movie trailers on TV like Harry Potter or Batman.  And then you'd think the Obama camp would be screaming about it - but to draw attention, even negative attention, wouldn't be in their best interest either, so most of the advertisement for the film has been done on the internet.  Interesting.

I'm still not voting for him - but even so - I have some Google homework to do.  I'm going to take a closer look at the people President Obama has held close, all his life, and see if my research lines up with how these people were projected in the film.   I hope the author of the film is very, very wrong.  If he is even a little bit right, and if Mr. Obama is elected to a second term, then I'm even more concerned (afraid!) than I was before I saw the film.  I have many friends who are staunch supporters, and nothing I say will change that.  I'm not interested in debating anything - platforms, the content of this film - so just don't go there.  I will only say that if you are happy with the Hope and Change that you've gotten in these four years, then good for you.  The next four (Obama) years will bring about Change as well - just don't Hope that it will be for the good.  And I'm not talking about same-sex marriage, abortion rights, or Obamacare.  It goes far, far deeper than that.  Doesn't matter what side of the street you're on regarding those things, the goal (projected in this film) will be no respector of liberal or conservative America, and these issues will pale in comparison with what we will be facing in America.

Quick trip to Home Depot to get my paint can all shook up, and back to Target to pick up a coffee pot.  My big one died.  Mornings without coffee can be dangerous around here.  While in Target, I ran across a friend and former co-worker, Cindi Wallace, and had the BEST visit!  She just got herself a new craft studio, and we decided while Billy is at work one night, we're gonna BUILD STUFF!!  :-)  Looking forward to that!!!

It was a busy day, and I didn't get home til after 8 last night.  No items were checked off my list.  But, it was good to get all those away-from-home things taken care of without trying to squeeze it in between work hours.

....Sigh..... How I do love having time off from work!  Even if it does pass in the blink of an eye!

Staycation Day Four: Paint the hall bath and kitchen.  Time to get busy!!

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