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Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Year Closer

My Kid Brother

An angel from heaven came down one night

And made a big sister of me.
And though Mommy said it would happen some day,
It's not all that I thought it would be.
The baby smelt funny and cried all the time,
And Mommy, she always was tired
This baby was simply no fun at all!
If I was his boss he'd be fired!
But as he got older, he got kinda cute,
And one day he smiled up at me!
And when he was able to sit up and play,
It was then I was able to see,
That someday he might be a very good friend,
A brother I really could love,
And I could thank God for sending to me
This wonderful gift from above.

Through years of friendship, laughter, and tears, from playing in the sandpile to seeing who could flick boogers the farthest, from fussing and fighting to sharing secrets, from sharing cokes and popcorn at the movies to fighting over mom's fried okra:  This little boy has grown into the most amazing man, and I am so honored to call him brother and friend.  The problems of the world would be greatly diminished and perhaps even resolved if more men exhibited the qualities of kindness, wisdom, and integrity that are seen in my brother.  Even though he lived to embarrass me in front of my boyfriends, and annoyed the crap out of we girls when I had sleepovers, I can't imagine another person on earth with whom I would want to share my DNA. 

Michael - I love you with all my heart.  I admire who you are, what you have become, and what you are doing every day to make this world a better place.  I appreciate what you do for your family, and how you never fail to champion your big sister.   

You are my hero. 

Love, Cat 

Newborn baby
Gorgeous eyes!
Sibling worship
Cherokee Bound!
We hated these poses... lol
Don't turn your back on that penguin!
Daddy Bill's truck
One of my favorite pictures of the little guy.
Uncle Ricky got this cute little sailor suit for him.
Graduation day!

All grown up
I cried when I saw these Army pictures...
Because he looked so mean.
But he wasn't mean at all
Same old Michael - loving his family!
Riding bikes with Baby Ryan in Germany
Sweet Tori and Daddy
What a great father
Beautiful family
Wedding day
My first Departure show
Rocking Wild Bill's
Granddaddy Heaven with Baby Lucy
Departure at Wild Bill's

Sibling Love. 

One year closer to the big five-oh!!

Happy Birthday, Michael!  I love you!

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