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Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday Calories Don't Count. Right??!??

Well, that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it..  If they do, then they shouldn't.  Birthdays are for celebrating, and though it was a low-key weekend, I did my share of celebrating calorie-wise.  My mom took me to Outback for lunch on Saturday, and best I can calculate (which explains WHY I am insisting that the calories don't count) just my lunch and sharing a dessert with my mom came in at a whopping 1478 calories.  YIKES!!  Since I was pretty stuffed, I opted for a lighter fare for dinner.  A few tortilla chips and salsa was plenty enough to tide me over.  I didn't even bother to count those few silly calories.  

My friend Jeremy and I are of the opinion that birthday celebrations aren't limited to just one day.  We milk it for all it's worth.  (He had so many celebrations, he's on a first-name basis with the Bakery Lady at Publix!00) With that in mind, I gladly accepted the invitation to dine with the Huths on Sunday night.  I think someone forgot to tell them that it was still October, and not Thanksgiving!  Wow, what a spread!!  Ham, beans, homemade potato salad, broccoli casserole, garlic/cheese biscuits, and sweet potatoes!!  Oh my.  I am surprised my britches didn't just bust a seam right there at the table..  I got up from my chair to go inside for a refill of tea, then said "who am I kidding", and grabbed my plate for a refill as well. Much smaller portions, this time, of course.  That was a seriously delicious meal.  Not even counting dessert, I probably consumed several thousand creamy, syrupy, crunchy, delicious and nutritious calories.  I consumed so much food that little calorie birds, moons, suns, stars, and tiny little calorie leprechauns were oozing from my pores and seeping from my ears.  I was in serious overload.  Heaven.

And I enjoyed every calorie-laden, heavenly moment. 

The Berniuses usually dine with the Huths on Sunday evenings, and now that I no longer work Sundays, I will occasionally join in the family tradition.  This was a GREAT Sunday to go!  Jeremy made a birthday card for me with Cooper's picture on the front (so sweet).  After dinner we had a lively discussion on politics and religion, two of my very favorite subjects to discuss!!  (Such a great discussion that I was almost late getting home in time to watch Revenge!)  

At some point during the conversation, the candles were lit, the birthday song was sung, and I blew out the candles. Only three candles, though.  After all that eating, I wouldn't have had the breath to extinguish 54 of them.  Cake.  Glorious Cake With Chocolate Icing.  Yum.  And the calories just kept piling on.  

As if that wasn't enough, there were doggie bags involved!  I can hardly wait for dinner tonight to do it all over again.  My take-home portions are quite a bit smaller than last night's feast, so the caloric intake will be significantly less.  I guess I need to be a little conscious of that, since my birthday weekend has come and gone.   

But I'm hanging on to the theory that Birthday Calories Don't Count.  

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  1. Don't say it's over. You can stretch it out at least a whole week! Learn a little from Jeremy! Glad to have celebrated with you!