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Friday, July 19, 2013

Morning Walk

My dear friend and co-worker, Cheryl, hooked me up with a daily e-mail called God's Minute.  She is in the midst of treatment for breast cancer, and has shared how this daily e-mail has often hit her right where she needed it (much the way I feel about my Jesus Calling book).  I signed up for it, and most days will give it a quick look, though I must confess, some busy days I just delete it without reading.  I almost deleted it today, because it has been a busy morning, but I opened it for a quick peek.

I absolutely love it when I come across a little love-note, seemingly written especially for me.

Tucked amidst the affirmations and Scriptures, I found this little poem.  And it spoke to me.

And, as it so often happens, this one is perfectly timed for my reading... on this particular date.

Morning Walk

          Amidst the dew of early dawn,
          I took a morning walk.
          And along with me, I took a Friend,
          For I felt a need to talk.
          I unburdened both my heart and soul,
          And spoke many things:
          Of plans gone wrong, of failure's pain,
          And how to live with shattered dreams.
          My Friend just listened quietly,
          And uttered not a word.
          For it was His time to listen,
          And my time to be heard.
          His sympathetic ear brought peace,
          As we walked this earthly sod.
          And I learned to trust life again,
          On my morning walk with God.
Poet, Barbara Cagle Ray

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