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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Disclaimer:  this post is being written from a mobile device and will most probably be fraught with typos. I seriously suck at typing without a real keyboard. But it is presently storming and the PC is safely unplugged. And I'm too lazy to fire up the laptop. My apologies.

I titled this post tumbleweeds because my thoughts are scattered and tossed about like ....  well, like tumbleweeds.

It was a great day today. Started off the morning with an early wake-up call from the very loud garbage trucks. The holiday this week got them off schedule, so instead of pickup on Friday, we got to enjoy the noisy process this morning. That's okay, though, because I got up early enough to join DJ for coffee and girl time. David had to work, so we had several hours to ourselves. I love that girl, and treasure our time together.

The kittens had to go in today for their rabies shots. They were too young to get the shots when I adopted them, so the AHS folks gave me a voucher to take to their clinic. Poor babies were distressed by the trip, and we were all glad to get back home.

I had to do a little grocery shopping after that, then stopped by Whitney's for a second to drop off some things.  She has been in ultra crafty mode lately, and a few days ago tried her hand at some acrylic painting. She has designed and painted a couple of really nice pieces for herself, and after seeing that she really has a knack for it, yesterday I mentioned that she needed to learn how to paint palm trees (my favorite decor theme). Last night she texted a  picture of her latest piece - and I was so surprised!!  I am so impressed with and  proud of her talent!!!  I had no idea when I asked her to "learn to paint palm trees" that within a few hours she would create this gorgeous piece!! She never ceases to amaze me!!  She gave me the picture today, and I have added it to my stash of decor items (that I have yet to hang/display - even though in a few weeks it will be the one-year anniversary of my return to The 409.)

Sunset Palm - by Whitney B. Veal

After errands  all afternoon, I was pretty tired and not much interested in cooking. A quick trip to my garden netted a handful of cherry tomatoes, so I decided a grilled chicken salad would be the perfect dinner.  Thanks to Tyson's clever packaging of pre-cooked southwest chicken fajita strips, my "cooking" consisted of boiling an egg and heating the chicken. How sweet is that!!  And how exciting - to make a salad with cucumbers and tomatoes that I grew myself!!

The only bad thing to report about this day is that my microwave did not survive the electrical disaster of Thursday morning - and was probably the source of the horribly loud popping noises I heard.  While I'm  not happy that it happened, I am ever so grateful that my house and all other major appliances seem to have escaped damage.  It could truly have resulted in much greater loss.

Something else I confirmed this week. Diet Cokes make you fat.  I came off them cold turkey, and haven't had one in over two months. (Well, except for week two when I did a Wendy's drive through and ordered one out of habit.). I have been drinking water.  Lots of water. A week or so ago I weighed at a friend's house, but wasn't that confident in the integrity of the scales. They looked older than me. But I liked the results. On Friday while I was at the hospital working, I weighed on some "real" scales, and the results confirmed what I had seen earlier on the old, antique scales at my friend's house. Since coming off the diet Cokes, without any other appreciable change in my eating, I have dropped 12 pounds!!  While that may not sound like much to some, it is a miracle of Biblical proportions to me!!!  Especially since it takes me longer than that to lose 12 lb when I am TRYING!!  So, I'm hoping to start making other changes as well and lose a bit more. :-)

Well, the gozillianth rainstorm of the day has just passed, this one complete with thunder and lightning, and all seems quiet outside The 409.  I think I shall go have myself a shower and maybe go to bed.  My idea of  the perfect Saturday night.  Quiet and uneventful.  I guess I'm getting old, but that's just how I roll these days.  Just a tired, old, dusty tumbleweed.  :-)

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