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Monday, August 31, 2015

A Great Day To Be Me!

The worst thing about being me today was putting on clothes and shoes at an ungodly hour this morning. HA!! What a lucky girl I am, to be able to say that!!!!  The best thing about being me was starting a new job that I can already tell I'm going to absolutely love.  Working from home for all these years has kept me in hermit mode, and while I do enjoy my alone time, I'm happy to be working among those who can converse with words other than "meow".  (Although I do believe my kitties missed me terribly today!)

Having already gone into the office on a couple of earlier occasions made today a little less overwhelming.  There is still MUCH to learn, but the gals who have been working with me are a.w.e.s.o.m.e., and I want to be like them when I grow up.  :-)  Or at least within the next few weeks.  It's a great concept, and a total win-win-win for the patient, the physician, and ME!  I'm only a tiny bit impatient that I haven't already mastered the EMR software.  I know it will take time, but I can't wait to learn it all!!!

After sitting at a desk all day for a couple of decades, NOT sitting at a desk is going to be a challenge. But I'm consoling myself by thinking about all those steps I'll be taking, and all those calories I'll burn.  (Silver lining, you know.)  Advil helps, and even though my shoes are hideously ugly, they're pretty comfy.  I'll hafta get me some sho-nuff good shoes for the long haul, but avoiding pain is top priority for the moment, until I can get myself better conditioned.  It didn't help much that I'm terribly sore from doing yard work this weekend - serious tugging and pulling (by hand) a large patch of rogue weeds, and some runaway spearmint plants.  Not to mention the hours and hours (well at least 20-30 minutes) of weed-eating, lots of bending and stooping, etc.  My arms still haven't recovered from holding the weed-eater.  My legs scream whenever I sit down or stand up.  That should be gone by tomorrow, though, so I'm looking forward to some serious improvement in mobility.  

Another great thing about being me today was some incredible bargains I found!!  On my way home, I stopped at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  My vision is so terrible that I have to use a  very strong magnifying mirror for girly stuff.  I can't see my eyelashes, I can't see my eyebrows, and I like to keep an eye out for all the new gray hair that keeps popping out.  On the dark side, the mirror also exposes terrible things on my face that I really don't want to see - like the giant pores large enough to land the space shuttle, the broken capillaries, and the wrinkles ravines etched into my face.  Do you remember the song "Mama Told Me Not To Come"?  Yep, I kinda feel that way when I look into this mirror.  But, alas, I need the mirror. I seem to have misplaced the one I had been using.   So I went into BB&B to pick one up.  My last trip to Wal Mart netted me a 10x, and I wanted a 15x like my prior one.  BB&B didn't have 15x ones, but they had a bin full of 20x ones.  OH NO.  The ravines will be canyons now.  Nevertheless, I was delighted to see that they had been marked down 50%, from $19.99 to $9.99.  Now, let me tell you, I almost wet my pants when I saw the tag that said 75% off the lowest marked price.  Are you kidding me? $2.50!!!  So, of course, I grabbed several.  One for each bathroom, and one for work.  On account of you just never know when you might need to watch a space shuttle landing up close and personal.  

Also on the 75% off rack, I found some little wine bottle dress-up thingies.  Like you'd drape over a bottle of wine when giving as a gift.  My brother makes his own wine, and will sometimes give the wine as gifts.  I thought these would be cute for him.  Go on.  Ask me.  How much did I pay for them??  Well... The original price on them was $7.99.  They had been reduced many times already, and when she rang up the first one it was .12 cents.  Yes.  T-w-e-l-v-e cents.  I told her to hang on just a minute - I wanted to grab a few more of those babies.  I went back to the clearance shelf and grabbed up the remaining ones.  So for less than $2.00, I probably have enough wine-cover-thingies for my brother's entire line this year.  So much fun!!

I'm in serious thrift mode these days, what with the job change and all, but I'm thinking I might be stopping by BB&B fairly regularly now to check out that 75% off rack, seein' as how It's right on the way home from work. Santa will be coming before long, and who knows what cool items might end up on the clearance rack?!?!?  The store is moving, and she told me they are putting a lot of items on clearance to prevent having to move them. SWEET!!!!

AND the same route that takes me to BB&B also takes me right by Aldi's.  I've recently discovered that I can save tons of money by shopping there, so I'm super excited about that.  Time to stock up on the produce!!!

So, yep - it was a great day to be me!  I'm home now, all fresh and clean and once again in my jammies. I've got a little bit of clinic work to do, and then it's off to bed.  

Please remember to say prayers for and/or send happy thoughts to my co-workers, as they continue the job search.  These things tend to move slowly, and transition time will be here before we know it.  While I'm very thankful to have landed what I'm confident will be a fabulous job for me, my heart still lies with my sister eagles, and it won't seem "right" until we've all found our new nesting place.   

I hope today was a great day to be you, and that tomorrow will be even better!!


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