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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Very Quiet Day

New Beginnings.  Remember when I wrote about that a few weeks ago?  Well – here’s what one of mine looks like!!   And there are more on the horizon!!

Today was the first day of school.  No grandchildren in my house, giving me hugs and kisses, “styling” my hair while I work, creating beautiful artwork with markers, and sharing their stories and discoveries.  

During the summer, I have one or more of them with me every day.  However, during the school year, my afternoon routine is to pick them up in the car rider line, bring them back here, feed them a snack, and settle in for a little TV time and homework time.  Because of my impending job change, we’ve had to make other arrangements for afterschool care, so I didn’t pick them up today.  My house has been very quiet.  All. Day. Long.  How I miss those sweet hugs and kisses, and “Greemaw, guess what?”  I think I’ll even miss the occasional whining and tattle-tale moments.  

It has been such a blessing to be able to get involved with their school activities, parties, ceremonies, having lunch with them, etc.  I’m trying to balance out my sadness at losing this with being grateful that I was able to do it to begin with.  I wasn’t able to do nearly as much with their mom when she was growing up, so doing it with the grandkids has been fabulous beyond words.  It has been a true blessing to be able to share their lives on a daily basis.

Here are a few of my favorite memories from school days:  (tried to keep in some kind of order, but it just didn't work - sorry!)










It’s kind of a nostalgic day all the way around.  Today is the three-year anniversary of the day I moved back to The 409.  It was not a good time in my life, and I wasn’t certain I’d survive it.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever understand why things sometimes happen the way they do, but I stand firm in my belief that everything happens for a reason.  What I lost that day three years ago was very difficult to overcome, but with my faith,  my friends … and time… I was able to get through it.  Before long, I began to realize that it provided the opportunity for me to focus my devotion on the most important thing in my life (besides Jesus, of course!) – and that is my family.  Moving back to Statham was always the goal, though I never imagined moving back alone.  However – the pieces fell together, and once I was able to breathe and function again, I realized that this is where I belong – even if it meant living on my own again.  Working from home allowed me to be here for the grandkids, to do things for Whitney, to be there when my parents needed me.  So – whatever the reason – I’m HOME, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

New Beginnings are scary.  Hearing that our jobs have been outsourced to an agency has been a bitter dose of reality.  We knew it would happen at some point – but we were hoping it would be years down the road, maybe to make it to retirement before the bomb dropped.  But, alas, we have become victims of technology, and there are four of us actively seeking other employment.  It’s kind of scary in today’s world to be at the mercy of corporate America, especially at my age.  But once again, I must have faith that everything happens for a reason.  While working at home in my jammies has been FABULOUS for all these years, I’m almost looking forward to getting out in the real world and interacting with people again.  [To be clear, I’m NOT excited about clothes and shoes… but I’m thinking it will be nice to be around people again.]

But in the meantime – until the day that I have to get dressed and drive in to my new place of employment – I’ll be here at home working in my jammies, in my quiet house, and miss those sweet grandkids who bring such pleasure and joy into our lives. I can’t wait for the first sleepover, to hear them laughing, talking, even bickering- every bit of it!  To feel their presence with me, to smell them and to love on them. To  having girl time with Mary - who has gone and grown up on me in the blink of an eye.   They are my heartbeat.  And I cherish the memories we’ve made together. 

Here are The Veal Kids on the first day of school 2015.  Mary is in 8th grade, Leyland is in 3rd grade, and Corey is in 2nd grade.  They are Greemaw’s sweet babies (no matter what grade they are in!!) 



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