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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doin The Mary Dance!!!

A few weeks ago Mary was here for the weekend, and was being her usual cute, sweet little munchkin self. Something or other made her really happy, and she started doing this little dance and saying “Uhh Huh… Oh Yeah…” . It was so cute. That’s her new thing, and whenever she is happy, she’ll break out into the little dance. A week or so later, we were having dinner while Leyland was in her play yard watching Elmo. At one point we heard her singing something we didn’t recognize, and something that didn’t belong in the Elmo movie. As we listened closer, we could very distinctly hear her saying “UhhhHuuuh… Oh Yeeeeah….” Oh My, we just about choked on dinner. We peeked over the banister, and sure enough, she was dancing!! What an irresistibly adorable, precious little girl!!! Now if you could only see me right now. It’s 27 minutes until quittin time, and as soon as I get to Mom and Dad’s house, we’re off to the Ritz! Watch for news from Myrtle Beach from Yours Truly. UHHHHH HUHHHH…… OH YEAH…..!!!!!!!!!!

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