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Monday, August 11, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere- NOT!!!

It was a very pleasant, if quite warm, Saturday afternoon that found us gathering at The Lake for our belated July 4th family gathering. Most of the clan was in attendance, but we were missing a few faces (Jeff & Family, David & Family, and Debs & Family). We did have a newcomer, though. Isabella, or Izzy, as she is called. Izzy is a little Yorkie-Westie-doggie-person who's cute as a button. She lives with Sharon, Johnny & Ali, and I think is the New Boss Of The House. The most awful thing, though- there is no water in The Lake!!! Well, of course there is some water, but honestly I've never seen the level so low. I've heard them speak of it on the news for the past few years, and seen the film, but nothing quite prepared me for the barren wasteland that was once my favorite spot to swim. The Dock is out of the water by maybe 40-50 yards. I walked down to the water's edge, and looking back to the (former) shore line, I realized where I was standing should have been several feet over my head, had The Lake been full. Never again will I ski in these waters- now that I see all the stumps and debris that was hidden just beneath the surface. It was truly a sad sight. "Our" section of The Lake is located near Lake Lanier Islands, and also shares a cove with a state-operated campground. The shoreline to our left and on around the opposite cove is populated with fancy lake homes, most with docks of their own, and all manner of watercraft. Normally, on a Saturday afternoon, there are so many boats and jet skis in our cove that it's almost dangerous to venture out into the water. This Saturday there were hardly any boats at all. I hope the fresh-water mussels downstream are enjoying a happy, healthy, WET summer. Our little fishies upstream here in The Lake are probably getting more crowded each day. Hey- maybe I'll tell Gordon and David. As sad as the situation is, I guess it means more fish-per-cubic-foot of water. Maybe the fishin' will be good this fall. Just watch out for those stumps.

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