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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Puttin On The Ritz!

That's right- in just sixteen days, I'll be watching the clock all day- waiting for 5:00. Hopefully, 5:45 will find me behind the wheel on my way to the Ritz Treadwell at MB!!! (I still gotta find myself a pretty beach umbrella!) But first, another busy week! Please say prayers for Whitney, who will have her tubal surgery tomorrow morning. Now- if ANOTHER surprise baby comes along......... I love my two grandbabies more than anything, but my quiver is full, and I’ll be forever satisfied with just the two little angels to love and spoil. Sunday was a lovely day- it was homecoming at church. Our ladies’ ensemble did a couple of numbers, and though we escaped a shower of rotten tomatoes, we did have a few rough patches. Some of us are just a little more timid than others (yours truly refuses to hold a mic properly), but with time and lots of Grace, we’ll hit all our notes one of these days. At least Ken (our director) didn’t crawl in a hole somewhere in shame. I remember the old days when homecoming meant Sunday Meetin’ and Dinner On The Grounds. We used to fix our plate and head outside to eat on picnic tables. Fortunately, the building is large enough that we can eat inside where it is cool. It was great to see old friends. I indulged myself in a long, luxurious nap that afternoon, and enjoyed some sweet snuggle time with Leyland and Corey. Mondays are always crazy, as I work all day at the office, then from 6p to 11p at home for the hospital. Today is catch-up/get-ahead day at the office, since I’ll be with Whitney tomorrow, and I’ll work a few hours at home tonight as well. Gi-Gi (my mom) and Nany (Randy’s mom, Whit’s other grandma), are helping out with the babies tomorrow while we’re at the hospital, then Gi-Gi will help out on Thursday and Friday morning too. Honestly, I don’t know what we would do without them!! Whitney is so lucky to have all her grandparents still living, not to mention the babies having their great-grandparents! Okay, so this has been a tossed-up, mixed-up, mish-mash post about nothing much at all. Random Musings, if you will. I told you that would happen sometimes. In closing, I’d like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to Uncle Gene! Happy Birthday!! You are so loved!! And also to GDF- Happy Birthday! I hope you are happy and well.

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