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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

State Of The Union Address

Personally, I have no problem staying awake during these speeches. I rather enjoy watching them. There are some, however, who would rather pass a kidney stone than suffer through them. It is easy to get distracted, what with all the standing ovations, and the random heckling (or truth-telling, if ya ask me). For some, it becomes a project: Count how many SOs there are during the speech. Or to change it up a bit, count how many times the left side stands, how many times the right side stands, and the rare occasion when both sides stand. We need to watch, folks. We need to bear witness to the words spoken by our President. Agree with it if you must, or disagree. But you should watch it yourself, and not get your information from the morning radio show, or in the break room at work, or some out-of-context YouTube video. Go on ahead and suffer through it. Now, for those of you who fall into the "rather-pass-a-kidney-stone-than-watch" group, here's a little challenge for you. Print the BINGO card below, pay attention, and see how many blocks you can fill.

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