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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

And we're so ready for it to be over. The adenovirus has hit our family with a vengance this weekend, and we've all but put a quarantine sign in the front yard. Corey had an ear infection and bronchitis last week, and was put on antibiotics. By Thursday he was having diarrhea, which we attributed to the antibiotics. That afternnoon, after a very *explosive* day, we took him to Dr. Edwards, who said it was adenovirus... or the same virus that causes chunkyvitis. (Whitney's word for conjunctivitis, or pink eye, when she was a little girl.) Unfortunately, Whit and Corey had already been over to Jess & Corbin's for a play date that morning, so we were worried that Corbin would end up being sick too. And bless his heart, he has been sick from both ends all weekend. Leyland contracted the upper GI form of the virus, and was so terribly sick. Then yours truly, Greemaw, had the same form as Leyland. I was covering for a co-worker on vacation Saturday morning, but was so sick I could only work for a few minutes, then make tracks between the bathroom and my bed. Thankfully, the doctors didn't dictate much priority work. I gave up the ghost when another co-worker signed on to work. Stayed in the bed all day long until 7 p.m. when I moved to the sofa... where I stayed until bedtime again. Mine was short-lived, and I feel much better today. Whitney, on the other hand, was sick all day today... so bad that she turned pale as a ghost, and lost all the color in her lips. Leyland woke up this morning burning up with fever, with full-blown chunkyvitis in her right eye. Corey has cried and screamed all day long, up until about an hour ago, and has been inconsolable. Poor little munchkins. Such a bad weekend.

We're so ready for this to be over. Tomorrow starts a new month. Let's hope we can leave all the virus germs back in January.

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