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Monday, February 1, 2010

Adenovirus-1, Corey- 0

The bug was bigger than my Little Man. He had to be admitted to the hospital today for severe dehydration. We thought he was doing better. Both kids slept through the night with no GI explosions from either end, and had some fluids this morning. Corey looked kind of strange, though, all white-as-a-sheet with reddish/purplish splotches on his skin, and his little lips were darker than normal. Skin perfusion was a bit slow. Whitney decided to take them in for a checkup, and one look was all it took for them to send him to the hospital pronto. He had also lost 2 lb since Thursday. Poor little guy. He's in the hospital now with an IV, so hopefully he'll perk up soon. Dr. E. said he wants a "couple of days" of fluids, so we'll see what happens.

Leyland is doing better, and today got some drops for her eye. Her daddy is home this afternoon and will be here tomorrow to take care of her while I work. She was so confused when we drove Whitney and Corey to ARMC. She knows "her" hospital, and kept saying "Where we goin', Greemaw", when we didn't turn down Alps Road. A thousand questions later (in a 3 to 4-block drive) she saw ARMC and said "Is that Corey's hospital?" "I see Corey's hospital!!" "Can we go in Corey's Hospital?" Then after Whitney and Corey got out of the car, "Can we go to Leyland's hospital?" ::cough, cough:: "Greemaw, I'm coughing, we need to go to my hospital!" That poor kid has been admitted to the hospital and had more ER visits than most kids have in a lifetime. Hopefully, we've escaped admission for her on this go-round.

Please keep us in your prayers. (And keep your hands washed!!!!) This is a wicked bug indeed.

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