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Monday, February 8, 2010

Work It, Mr. Sunshine!

What a gorgeous day it is today! Before work I needed to run some errands, and was surprised to find it so delightful outside! I even opened the sunroof in my car for a bit, because the sunshine had things pretty warm inside! It would sure be a nice day to be out and about. Probably just as well that I have to stay inside and work, though, because much more exposure to it would have me in a frenzy of spring fever for sure. And then I'm afraid I'd just get disappointed again in a few days or weeks when the cold days return. And I'm sure they will. I'd like to think we've broken from winter, but I've never known that to happen this early. Oh well... I'll just enjoy it from the window in my office, and appreciate the rare gem of a day that we've been blessed with. So, come on, Mr. Sunshine... work it hard today!! We're so happy to see you! Please don't stay away so long next time!

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