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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Would You Ask?

So, today is shaping up to be a very busy day, as I knew it would. I enjoyed the morning sipping coffee, eating biscuits and homemade cheese danish with DJ. {Insert side story here:} Often on Saturday mornings we will have coffee and David will go somewhere and get us a yummy breakfast biscuit. Today David had to attend a seminar for newly-inducted city council members, so it was just us girls. Before going to her house, I scooted down to the local biscuit house and picked up our favorite breakfast cuisine. When I arrived at her house, David was just getting ready to walk out the door. I said to DJ "He's not supposed to be here, I didn't bring him a biscuit!" She told me she was making cheese danish, but to go ahead and eat mine while it was hot. I offered David a biscuit but he said he had already eaten. So I laid hers on the counter, and we migrated to the den, and thus began our Saturday morning gab-fest. And we do love David with all our hearts, but it was fabulous to have just girl time. I ate my biscuit, and she waited on the danish. When she went to the kitchen to take it out of the oven, I heard her say "where did this biscuit come from?" I told her it was HER biscuit. Dang... she didn't realize I had brought her a biscuit! I said... Debbie Jo... do you truly think I would have brought myself a biscuit without bringing you one? And we just laughed it off, and she ate her lukewarm biscuit while we waited for the cheese danish to cool (And yes, we both ate cheese danish, even though we had already devoured our biscuits... our fat and calorie count for the morning was already at the heart-attack level, so what will a few more hundred calories and fat grams hurt at this point, huh?) But the rest of the morning I have been bothered to think that she actually thought I would sit in front of her and eat my biscuit without taking one for her. Just kinda breaks my heart a little bit, doncha know? We laughed about it a few more times, but I'm still a little sad about it. We had a wonderful visit and our topics of conversation were all over the place. Just like we like it. :-)

All that being said, three hours later, I had to tear myself away so that she can enjoy her day at home alone, and I could come home to some long overdue chores. And to get ready for Lucy Jayne's baby shower tonight. Last night I had to correct the spelling of her name (Jayne with a "y") on a personalized gift, and today I get to organize the contents of the little toy-box/container thingy with all the goodies inside. It was so much fun shopping for a baby girl!! Lucy Jayne is my great neice who is due to arrive in a few weeks! My baby brother will be a grandpa!

I'm (obviously) home now, staring at the pile of laundry that needs folding, the dishes that need washing, the dirty laundry waiting to be done, the floor that needs vacuuming.. well you probably get the picture. And what am I doing? I'm blogging about a thought I had a few minutes ago.

While giving myself a little mini-pedicure, for some crazy reason, I thought a-one, and-a-two, and-a-three... and the vision of bubbles in the air on a black and white television, and Lawrence Welk with his conductor's wand came to my mind. Where, oh, where on earth did THAT come from?? You know how sometimes you have one thought that leads to another and then another? Well I thought about being a kid and watching the Lawrence Welk show at Mama Nay and Daddy Bill's house. I seriously hated that music! But I loved to watch them pat their feet and nod their heads, and listen to Mama Nay sing along with the Lennon Sisters. I remember people would get up and dance to that awful music, but they looked so happy all dressed up in their Ward and June Cleaver clothes, as the bubbles floated past them.

And then I wondered: Did Mama Nay and Daddy Bill ever dance together?

I already have a long list of questions that I would ask them, if given the chance. So many things I wish that I'd have asked before they died. Some of the questions are important ones, relevant to our family history. Some of them trivial things about life in "the olden days". But... given the chance... I'd also love to ask them if they ever danced together.
What question would you ask of a deceased loved one if you could?

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