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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Know Where The Boogeyman Lives

I'm not quite sure when or where, but at some point, Leyland has been introduced to the shower. She was not impressed. When asked if she wants to take a shower, sometimes she will absently nod her head yes, perhaps thinking she is being invited on a fun adventure, but when it sinks in what she is about to do, she will shake her head adamantly and say "NO!" She does love to take a bath, though, and doesn't mind at all when you pour a bucket of water over her head to rinse her hair. Last night the little rascal was staying up later than usual, and when I finished my work shift at 11:00, I asked if she would like to take a bath with Greemaw. Oh yes! That was a treat she hasn't had in quite some time. She was so excited! So off we go into the bathroom where I start the water running. I lifted her over into the tub, at the same time realizing that there were no towels in the closet. I told her I'd be riiiiiiiight back, I was going to get a towel. (Now, before you call DFACS on me, she is nearly 3 1/2 years old, and I was just stepping into the next room.) When I put her into the bathtub, there was still some of the initial cold water, and the last thing I heard as I was walking out of the bathroom was her giggling, saying "Greemaw it's cold!" Not three seconds later, she let loose a blood curdling scream that I swear, must have awakened the dead for miles around. Out of the tub she came, running from the bathroom wet and nekkid. I got to her within nanoseconds, and tried to figure out what was wrong. I could see no blood, no bones were prodruding through flesh, and there had been no crashes or other alarming sounds from the bathtub... just her screams. Whitney reached her almost at the same time, and she wouldn't stop screaming long enough to tell us what was wrong. I went to the tub to see if per chance a bug was in the water, or something else that may have frightened her. And then I found the reason for her hysteria. Normally, we have a rubber duck thingie that covers the spout, to keep little munchkin heads from bumping against it. I had failed to replace the rubber duck after my shower the night before. Nope, she didn't bump her head on the spout, she pulled the shower button a little bit -- enough for a few small streams of water to sprinkle from the shower head. Oh dear. She was hysterical. We finally got her calmed down, but attempts to get her into the bathtub failed miserably. We finally had to pretty much hold her down, and douse her with enough water to bathe her and get a quick shampoo job. She was screaming the entire time. I could feel her little heart pounding underneath my hand. Poor thing is probably scarred for life. We'll probably have to drug her to bathe her from now on. So if you see our little princess with a cloud of dust around her and buzzards hovering overhead, you'll know why. And when you are tucking your little ones into bed at night, and they tell you they are afraid of the boogeyman under the bed or in the closet, feel free to reassure them to fear not... the boogeyman officially resides in the shower head at The 409.

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