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Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Monday!

Well.. another weekend… survived!! It was busy, as usual, with working, chores and errands. I still have a ton of chores to do (no—I did not work on craft room or bedroom organization this weekend--) Instead of working on my goals for the weekend, I indulged myself in a nice long nap yesterday afternoon before the parental units came over. Whitney invited her dad to come too, since she didn’t get to spend Father’s Day with him. Dustin cooked up some mean burgers and dogs, and we had a nice visit. Leyland put on a little show, running from person to person giving big bear hugs and singing “I love you, You love me, blah babble, blah, babble”. It was the sweetest thing. Of course, only the most discriminating ear could determine what she was actually saying, but she has been going around singing that for days. She stayed with my mom and dad for the last two weeks while Whitney was recuperating from Corey’s arrival, and I suspect it was my mom and dad, not the purple dinosaur, who taught her that song. They do love that little girl!

I have several dates that I’m looking forward to:
1) As mentioned in an earlier post, the gang is planning to scrapbook at the church Friday night. Since I didn’t get my craft room organized, there’s no possible way I can plan for this and corral all my supplies and photos. Most of the girls will be going down early, and it will be 6:30ish before I can get there. By the time I unpack and get my mojo going, they will be pooped and ready to go home. I have decided today that instead of working on my scrapbook, I’m just going to take my camera, my laptop and a pack of CDs and work on photo organization and CD burning. That takes a good while, considering how many photos I have on my laptop. I did that one time before, and got a lot done, and cleanup sure was a lot easier when it was time to go home!
2) Scrapbook Expo is July 11th and 12th. I’m taking Friday the 11th off, and we’re going up for the day. So far, it’s just DJ, Delores and me. Some of the others have family things going on and may not make it.
3) Dr. M. is going to be out of the office 7-21 thru 7-25. I’m taking off Friday 7-25, DJ will be off, and we’re going to scrap all day!
4) Labor Day Weekend!!! Yahoo!! I’m going to the Ritz Treadwell at MB!! I’m leaving Thurs night, and returning home the following Wednesday! It has been three years since I went to the beach. Last time was when DJ and I stayed at the Ritz and had our scrapbook marathon. This time I’m not taking any scrapbook stuff. Just my laptop, my sunscreen, beach paraphernalia and a bottle of wine. Gotta find myself a pretty beach umbrella, though. The ones provided by The Ritz are for the old codgers. Oh.. I forget… I am on the brink of codgerhood my ownself.. but I still must have a brightly colored umbrella. Like the one I had that broke when DJ and I were there. I have pictures. It was not pretty. Anyway, I am pumped about a few days of R&R. Love my kids and grandkids… but it will be fabulous to get away!!!! I’m not sure who will enjoy it more- me or them (they love it when I am away and they have the house to themselves. Imagine that!)

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