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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Another day closer to Friday! I can’t believe next Friday is the 4th of July- already! The year is whizzing by so fast it almost makes me dizzy. I’m a little sad that we are foregoing yet another family tradition this year. We have always celebrated the 4th at Aunt Joyce and Uncle Gene’s house on Lake Lanier. This year we are postponing the gathering until August. The main reason, is that they, and Aunt Carolyn, are traveling in Switzerland and won’t return until a few days before the holiday. They’ll be nursing some major jet lag, and won’t be up to it. Seems like since Mama Nay and Daddy Bill died our gatherings have gotten fewer and further between. I suppose that is to be expected. Everyone lives such fast-paced lives, and we’re all going in different directions with children, grandchildren, careers, etc. Still, it is sad that long-time family traditions are changing. We used to get together for Mama Nay’s birthday, Daddy Bill’s birthday, Mother’s Day, sometimes Easter, Father’s day, 4th of July, Labor day weekend at Aunt Carolyn’s mountain house, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now it has dwindled down to 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wonder what will happen when all the Snoop Sisters (my collection of aunts) are no longer with us. Seems like we only gather for funerals nowadays. My brother lives just up the road in a neighboring town and it is the rare occasion when we get to see each other. I remember being a kid and the time just crawling by from one day to the next. I guess it has to do with being a grown-up with responsibilities and deadlines. Oh well. I am thankful for every day, and it is great knowing that we have a low-maintenance kind of family. We don’t have to talk every day to remain close. We’re all only a phone call away, and we can circle the wagons for each other with the best of them. I do so dearly love them all and am so blessed to have been placed in such a loving, crazy, fun, nutty, caring and generous family!

And speaking of families, let me share some new grandbaby photos!

Corey's first "real" bath

Way cuter than the hospital "formal" photos, doncha think??

Leyland's first bubble bath


  1. I'm a CKMB'er and I saw your post over there. I think you have made a nice blog so far. I didn't know much about it when I started and so I learned along the way what I liked seeing and what didn't work. Loved the hospital shot, way better than what they do - the babies always look scrunched up in the face. You can actually see this baby's face and he looks so contented. Sorry for the long comment but wanted to give you my .02. (scraphappy Ro)

  2. Saw your post over at CKMB and stop by to check out your blog, looks like you have the hang of it.

    Please feel free to stop by and check out my blogS, I've been blogging for what seems like forever now and have several, just click on my name and it will show you my info.

    I do suggest that you not accept anonymous comments, you will get a lot of spammers.

  3. Hi Cathy, Your already a better blogger then me. I just posted today for the first time. I also wanted to say that your grandbaby is adorable!

    Meegan (meegz127)

  4. hi cathy, hope your having a good day! I will pet my cats for you anytime you want.