Welcome to my blog. Thanks for coming! One day I hope my little piece of internet real estate will be home to lots of family photos, pictures of my scrapbook and card art, with some random thoughts and memories posted on a somewhat regular basis. Mostly my world is very predictable, but occasionally some excitement will find me, so visit often. Who knows what useful (or useless) information you may find here.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

I have no idea what I am doing!

Okay, the main reason I entered into the blogmania was to have a place to upload photos of my family, and when time permits, photos of my scrapbook and card art. Obviously I don't have much time to learn how to get this done, and I have no idea where to start, so today's entry is simply another post for experimentation purposes... to see how it will look on the page. I'd much rather play around on here and figure things out, but alas, my lunch hour has come to an end, and the Writer Of My Paycheck would much prefer that I do things to facilitate his office running smoothly, such as accounts payable, transcribing office notes, and the ever-important delinquent accounts management that hangs over my head like a dark thunderstorm obscuring the daylight. Why won't these people just pay their bill? Or at least send me $2.00 a month so I don't have to call them on the phone and send them nasty letters? Well- on second thought, I guess if there were no delinquent accounts, then I might not be needed as much around this place. And since I do love to eat and live indoors, I suppose I must be grateful for whatever it is that keeps me useful around here. I promise, I will learn how to run this thing and perhaps make it interesting enough for an occasional quick glimpse of what is happening in my world. Have a great day!!!


  1. Welcome to blogland, I am here thru the ck board.

    Have fun blogging, I do!


  2. Cute blog, Cathy B! You'll catch on quickly.

    I'm also here through the CKMB.


  3. Welcome to the blogging world! I love the 'smother' comic. LOL

  4. Hi Cathy, welcome to the blogosphere! Thanks for visiting my little bit of cyberspace. It is nice to know another MT! Aren't grandchildren the best! Looking forward to reading more about you.