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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Welcome home, ladies. I'm glad this incident turned out well. I'm glad that little girl will be tucked in by her mommy tonight. I love a good reunion, and this one was very sweet.

This whole incident causes me to stop and wonder about border integrity. How is it, that in countries like North Korea and Iran, that a few hikers or a couple of reporters can accidentally cross the border and be snatched into captivity? If the borders were clearly marked, then it wouldn't have been accidental, and I seriously doubt they would have made that mistake. I haven't been keeping up with these stories very well, but if they claim it was a case accidental "tresspassing", then obviously there were no border guards, no electric fences, no watch dogs, etc. So how is it that these countries can keep such a close watch on their borders and actually imprison violators, yet the United States can't effectively monitor our southern border? It's not a random accidental few people who cross into our country, but rather a flood of dam-break proportions of our southern neighbors who absolutely infiltrate our border. Granted, if we were to sentence each perpetrator to a prison sentence of 12 years (as in the case of Lee and Ling), then there wouldn't be enough space in all the college dorms in America to house them all. Oh, and then there's the issue that even if we did imprison them, no one from Mexico would come and get them, much less send a plane full of dignitaries to negotiate their release. All that being said, I think the USA needs to get hold of whatever technology it is that allows these jungle and desert-laden nations to so carefully watch their borders. We need some of that, and we need to use it. Not for the purpose of imprisoning them. No. We don't want them. We need to use it for the purpose of throwing them back. Or at least directing them to the nearest legal border crossing, where they can enter the country legally, with a one-way ticket to the nearest immigration office to apply for citizenship. Or a one-way ticket back home, whichever they prefer. That's all I've got to say about that.

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