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Thursday, October 29, 2009

CathyB - 1, Gremlins 947,613

I'm delighted to report that I have outsmarted the gremlins. Well, maybe not outsmarted them, they are still way ahead on the scoreboard, but I found the cards. The silly gremlins hid them in a little storage box thing that I don't even recall OPENING when I was at the church, much less putting the cards in there. But alas, I found the storage thingy underneath some other supplies, and as a last resort, I checked inside. After all, it was the only place I hadn't looked. And as I said, I don't even remember opening it, so I wasn't expecting them to be there. Yipee!! The gremlins did a great job hiding them from me, but at least they're not gone forever. So you can stop checking the hiding places of your gremlins for my missing cards. My gremlins didn't mail them to your gremlins.

It was fun, crafting in my room for the first time last night. I needed to finish up the cards, so I pulled out my card table, took a seat in my comfy rocker/glider, and had all my things right at hand. I think I'll do a lot more crafting now that I have everything out here.
I had only done the outtside of the cards, so I needed something on the inside. I had a cute little rubber stamp with some trick-or-treaters that I used for the inside, and heat-embossed the image. I attached the insert to the card using ribbon with spider webs on it. A year or so ago I found a guy on e-bay who makes personalized stamps for really cheap. I chose one that says "Handmade by CathyB" with two little kitties on it. (How perfect was that?? The kitties, I mean!) I heat embossed that on the back of the card, black-on-black. Here's what the cards look like: (Maybe you can click to enlarge... sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't)

So today the cards are going out in the mail, hopefully to be receieved in time for Halloween by my special little ladies. Now it's time to start planning for their Thanksgiving and Christmas treats!!!

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