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Monday, October 5, 2009

Swine Flu

Today I received some distressing news from home. Corey has swine flu!! Yesterday he had diarrhea, this morning had a fever and some vomiting. He saw the doctor today, who quickly diagnosed him with H1N1. Fortunately, we had been to the office a few weeks ago and they were downplaying it, saying lots of kids were coming in with it and so far all had responded well to Tamiflu. Miss Cheryl even told Whitney not to tell me, knowing that I was several hundred miles from home. By the time she picked up Leyland from Randy's house, she (Leyland) was having diarrhea as well, and both kids had poopy pants by the time they got home. As if things weren't bad enough, upon arriving home, Whitney realized she had locked herself out of the house. Fortunately, DJ has a set of keys to my house. Fortunately I have a set of keys to her house. Fortunately, Whitney had my keys (which unfortunately didn't have a key to my room or to the deadbolt). After I remembered this tiny detail, I called and she was able to go to DJs and get keys and get into the house. What an day!! They were feeling better by late afternoon, but tonight Corey didn't want his bedtime bottle, and threw up immediately after getting his medicine. Hopefully he'll be able to keep down another dose. Please keep them all in your prayers. She is insisting that we not come home - yet - but I won't be surprised if we pack it up early and head home earlier than planned, especially if Whitney and Dustin get sick too. She said we'd probably be better off staying here, so maybe we can avoid getting it. I sure don't want mom and dad to catch it! Sure is hard being away when my family is sick!

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