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Monday, October 5, 2009

Greetings from Under the Umbrella

If I believed in the multiple-life theory, I'd say my former life was definitely one of a beach bum. It takes very little to entertain me and keep me happy in these, my early golden years. A beach umbrella, a comfy chair and a good book (or not), a day without rain, and I'm good to go. Ahhh life at the beach is fabulous. So far every day we have slept late, lolled about drinking coffee until after the noon hour. Afternoons spent on the beach, dinner at the townhouse, and evenings watching tv. Certainly not the normal touristy things, but then again we're not tourists. We rather refer to ourselves as part-time residents. I'm a 1/52 MB resident! Today was a cool, rainy day, which made sleeping in even more enjoyable. The afternoon was spent shopping, where I scored a new dress and new purse. Thank you Aunt Joyce and Mom! Such a lazy day... we napped the rest of the afternoon away, had a late dinner of homemade chicken stew, and now just enjoying some tv and laptop time.
Now about my umbrella... A few years ago DJ and I came over here for a scrapbook marathon. During our stay, my beautiful beach umbrella bailed on me. Totally bit the dust. I fought a good battle, trying to make it work, but finally gave up and tossed it in the trash. I was so sad. DJ laughed and laughed at me, and took all sorts of unflattering pictures of me fighting with my (beautiful) umbrella. I'm all about a pretty beach umbrella, and have made terrible fun of my dad for sitting under the ugliest beach umbrella of all time... for many years. (Thankfully, he bought a new one, actually a patio umbrella that makes a honkin' huge patch of shade... so I can't make fun of him any more.) I'm very happy to say that this year I am once again the proud owner of the prettiest umbrella on the beach. Sometimes I'll feed Kobe and KoKo when DJ and David are out of town. After one such time, 'the boys' presented me with thank-you gift... a pink and green beach umbrella!!! The photo above was taken lying on my back from underneath its cover. Fabulous. I am missing my grandbabies, but otherwise it is truly the perfect vacation.

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