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Friday, October 9, 2009

Peace Out! (The "Huhs?" Heard Round The World)

Last night I slept in my very own bed for the first time in a week. My first night back from the beach I slept on the sofa to be near Leyland's room if she awoke during the night. The following night I slept in a recliner in the hospital room with Corey. Last night found me feeling a bit rough around the edges, with thoughts of the flu hanging low over my head, but happy to be back in my own bed. As usual, I fell asleep listening to the Fox News Channel. After Mr. Sandman finally paid me a visit, it was off to dreamland for me. My dreams run the gamut of silly, nonsensical vignettes to wonderful moments of tropical paradise, to the downright scary sort. Sometimes I remember them, sometimes I don't. Upon awakening this morning, I found myself chuckling at the memory of a most unlikely dream. I could clearly hear in my subconcious mind the voice of my friends in the Fox studio, the report that Barak Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Dreams are sometimes funny, aren't they??

Oh wait..... imagine my surprise to learn that it wasn't a silly, nonsensical (though definitely scary) REM-induced vision, but rather a nonsensical reality!

Where did this come from? Obama, nominated after a mere ELEVEN days in office, wasn't even in the top three contenders. Could this perhaps be a consolation prize from our Scandinavian friends for not winning the 2016 Olympic bid? Reports from all over the world are resounding with a big "HUH?"
The NPP has been awarded to our President based on "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation". Oh, Yes. He has indeed put forth an effort to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation. Few would probably argue with that. It is his method of "effort" that leaves most of us in appalled disbelief. Diplomacy does not mean apology. He has gone around the world apologizing for America's "arrogance, dismissiveness, and derisiveness", bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, demeaning the character of our nation, while aligning himself to leaders of terrorist countries. They say he is being awarded for his "intention" to ban nuclear arms and promote a nuclear-free world. Ummm, no. He isn't doing that. He is too busy making himself available to sit down with Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Castro without preconditions. Too busy kissing up to these abominable leaders to sit down and talk with his own appointed commander of the war in Afghanistan. Too busy questioning the experience of the three top military advisors on their recommendations to sit down and talk with them. "No rush", he says, while too busy RUSHING congress to vote on a health care bill that has yet to even be written. Too busy pushing a problem-riddled total overhaul of the health care system that will change life as we know it, to FIX the acknowledged billions of fraud in the insurance system that is already run by the government. Too busy trying to hide the resumes and belief systems of the czars he has appointed to advise him. Too busy breaking his promise of transparent government made during his campaign. Too busy promoting anything BUT peace in his own country by standing back and allowing American citizens (demoncrats, republicans, libertarians, independents) including and especially members of his own cabinet to fight a bloody battle over racism, indoctrination, and socialism. Too busy letting the limelight fall on one (albiet rude) representative who shouted "You Lie!", when in fact he WAS lying, since the constitution does provide protection for illegals. Too busy destroying the work carried out for decades by MLK and his followers to promote equal rights, by allowing racism to escalate to heights not seen in years.
To put it in perspective: Michael Jackson has been nominated for the 2010 award.
Ghandi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times. He never won.
I guess the next order of business will be petitioning the pope for sainthood.


  1. Okay, I'm laughing at myself. I found a typo. Instead of "democrats", I typed "DEMONcrats". Freudian slip, perhaps???

  2. I saw your typo and thought it was deliberate! I'm still in shock. "Intentions" don't make a NPP recipient. I'm questioning his intentions, as well as his methods. He's a snake and we all know the identity of the original snake/serpent. I wonder if the two snakes are related?