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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Yay me! I finally found the time, and a cute blog layout that I fancied. Changes have been made somewhere within the bowels of Blogger that make uploading a new template UBER simple. How exciting! I won't dread it so much next time. So I took a chance on another theme-related layout, seein' as how I'm Irish and all. (Dunahoo... how much more Irish can you get?) I learned an interesting fact the other day about my Irish ancestry. My great, great grandfather, Lawrence Edward Dunahoo, stowed away on a ship from Ireland to America. I forget the year. It had something to do with a potato famine in Ireland. I must talk with my cousin Becky again and get the details in writing... lest I forget again. Anyhow, I've taken a chance on another theme-related layout, hoping that I will take the time to change it once St. Paddy's Day has come and gone. Incidentally, we are hoping for a new addition to the family at least by then. Lucy Jayne is due to arrive on the St. Patrick's Day! Maybe Ryan will give out green cigars. Hope you enjoy the layout for a few days. And nudge me if I forget to change it afterwards. Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!!!

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