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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letting It Slide Another Day

I've been fretting about getting my blogger background changed. It's time for a more spring-like layout. Bunnies, and flowers, and trees in bloom. However, looking out my window this morning, I see Old Man Winter is resisting retreat about as valiantly as Corey resists a good face-washing. So I'm not going to stress (at least today... and probably not tomorrow) about having a snowman on my blog. Another snow day to enjoy. Wonder what it is about softly falling snow that has such a calming effect on me? I love sitting here in my jammies at my desk, working so hard (or writing a blog post), watching the snow fall right outside my window. With the ground covered in white, I feel a little better about leaving Mr. Snowman on my blog for another day. Besides, despite the large amount of time already devoted to finding a new background, I just haven't found "it" yet. So I'll keep searching when time allows.

However, I suppose I probably should make an attempt at removing the lighted garland with our Christmas stockings off the ledge in the den. At least the garland is green, and I suppose I could put some shamrocks on the stockings.... But I'll probably just let it slide another day. Or two.

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