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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

Well, not really Seattle. I've never been to Seattle. But I do love watching Grey's Anatomy! A more accurate title would have been Sleepless at The 409, but curb appeal aside, it just doesn't sound quite as interesting. What's up with me lately? I'm quite sleepy, yet when I lay my head down to rest, I can't seem to find the off switch for my brain. It would be fabulous if the thoughts conjured were of some use for mankind, such as the cure for dreaded disease, the best solution for healthcare reform, or even better, how to streamline our household chores into bite-sized chunks, or a formula to ward off toddler tantrums. No such luck. The things that go through my mind run the gamut from how best to arrange my patterned paper and colored cardstock, to "if I remove those screws from that bar on the wall, I wonder if I could find another one that would allow the arm for the shelf to be more versatile" to "now what was Jessie's mom's name?" to "I already lost one stud-finder, I can't believe I have purchased another one and now it's gone too". Or maybe it's trying to mentally sort through the random items in my laundry room, and deciding what to keep and what to toss. It gets so bad sometimes that I fear the sheep will start screaming at me to start counting again. Some nights I try to use the hours lying awake in the dark to format story lines for my book. A lot of good that would do, since I'd likely forget them by morning anyway. I've even taken to bed with me high school U.S. History textbooks. You'd think that would be incredibly boring. Not for Ms. Wierdo Nerd here. I'm finding it almost as fascinating as a good Patterson read. I have no fondness for warm milk and cookies. Matter of fact, don't come at me with any kind of milk, warm or cold. Well maybe some of that hot chocolate made from milk, cocoa and sugar like my mom used to make when we were kids and it snowed.

Are we seeng a pattern here in this post? Random thoughts bouncing all over the page? Yep, that's how it is with my brain when I am ready for sleep. If I could just somehow channel that energy to mid-afternoon, when lack of REM causes my eyelids to droop and it is only the sudden jerk of my body as I am pulled from the edges of sleep just before falling out of my chair, that brings me back to reality. ...Sigh... it's the Dunahoo curse. My mom, and all my aunts have it. Pretty stinkin' unfair, though, since all of them are retired. They can stay up to 3 a.m. playing silly computer games, then loll about in the bed till nearly noon. Oh well. I guess they deserve it. If I remember correctly, they all suffered through it before retirement as well. I suppose if they were able to live through it, I shall too. And who knows, perhaps some sleepless night I shall indeed have a thought and devise a plan to change the course of the future. Until then, I'll just remain, Sleepless at The 409.

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