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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leyland The Duck

There's a sweet little boy at Leyland's school named Case.  He was in K4 this past year, while Leyland was in K3.  I met his mom a few weeks ago when I was at the school, and we struck up a conversation.  Case came wandering over, and I introduced myself as Leyland's grandma.  His mom's eyes lit up and she said "Who?"  I told her again, and she started laughing.  She said that they have a duck named Leyland at their house.  They adopted a baby duck a little while back and Case insisted that he wanted to name it Leyland.  She assured him that Leyland was a beautiful name, but wherever on earth did he come up with that?  He told her there was a little girl in K3 with that name, and that is what he wanted to name his duck.  She was tickled to learn that Case's duck was indeed named after a real person.  How cute is that.  What girl wouldn't be thrilled to know that a boy named his pet duck after her???  I never had a duck named after me, did you??

I do remember from childhood that my uncle Ricky once had a duck named Gertrude.  I'm fairly certain he didn't name her after a cute girl at school, though.

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