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Sunday, June 6, 2010


My friend Paul T. and I laugh about the silly things that people put on Facebook. (Who cares what someone had for lunch, or that they are going to Publix after work, or bought a book of Elvis stamps...)

I remember when I first heard about Twitter, my thoughts were... Who on the face of the earth could possibly care about what I might be doing at any point in the day?  However, when Whitney and her family went to the beach, I signed up for a Twitter account, thinking I could keep up with my grandkids' first trip to the ocean, if Whitney tweeted about their trip.  Smart phones make connecting with friends an easy task, and I thought she might be more inclined to do that than send e-mails.  Nada.  With no news from the vacationing grandchildren, I quickly became bored with it.  Not to mention all the strange people who wanted to "follow" me.  Seriously?  I think I still have the Twitter account, but I forgot my password. 

Anyway, Facebook, for some people, has become the same kind of tool. Oh, I've posted my share of goofy statuses too, most of which are always unworthy of a comment.  (Ignored)  I'm not one of the Facebook "Stars" with thousands of friends fawning at my every post, with 50 comments after each one.  Probably half of my posts never get comments at all, and who knows, maybe my FB friends just glance right over them.  After all, what young college student would possibly be interested in my pillow talk with the grandchildren?  (Well, Kate would be that exception, but that's because she loves my grandchildren...).  Anyway, my point here is that a lot of the postings on FB are pretty silly, and sometimes I'm like... "huh?" 

Today, I wanted to share some exciting news. And since my blog is networked to FB, it will show up on FB, where I am certain that all 201 of my FB friends will be reading my blog and posting their congratulations on this momentous occasion.

Paul, this is HUGE.  I had a salad for lunch. 

Actually, Paul will understand why this is a big deal.  This is my first salad in weeks, and weeks, since well before my surgery.  I can only have pea-sized bites of whatever it is that I'm eating, so I painstakingly sliced up baby spinach leaves, a small sliver of cucumber, some green onion, a boiled egg, and some pre-cooked misquite chicken tenders into confetti-sized pieces, and grated a tiny bit of cheese on top.  Oh, yeah.  This was a very intensive labor of love.  Love for salads.  I really wanted/needed for this venture to be successful.  When introducing a new food back into my diet is UNsuccessful, I tend to never want to see that food ever again.  I sure didn't want that to happen with salads!!!  And I am so thankful to say that it went down fine, even though it took me about 45 minutes to eat 1/2 cup of my confetti salad.  Which is about right for a lap-band patient.  I am so thankful for my delicious lunch.  And I knew all my blogger and FB would want to know about it too.  I might even tweet about it.

For all the gory details about the "new me", check out my other blog:  http://cathyb-thexbandedfiles.blogspot.com/ But be forewarned, there are some scary numbers and photos lurking over there..... and you are sworn to secrecy if you read any of those posts.  If you tell my secrets, I will have to kill you.

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  1. Congrats on the success with the salad. I am so very proud of you!