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Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Amazing Discovery!

Those who know me know that I do not participate in the e-mail forwarding game. I love Jesus very much, and He knows that, even if I don’t forward the e-mail or return it to the person who sent it to me. I don’t have to forward an e-mail to eight people in eight seconds just so I can know who has a crush on me, or to see naked reindeer dance across my screen. I don’t need any body-part enhancements, nor do I believe that Bill Gates will send me a check for a thousand dollars if I forward this or that e-mail around the world. I normally don’t sign political (or otherwise) petitions and forward on. I know the breast cancer lady has walked across the information highway for many miles, but she stops at my address if you send her to me. DJ loves to send stuff (especially surveys) to me because she knows I won’t send them back, but I will occasionally fool her and send it back to just her. She already knows the answers to my questions, anyway. If I forward an e-mail to someone it is because I was blessed by it myself, thought it humorous or informative. It’s not because I think in four hours I will receive a windfall, or the fear that if I don’t forward it I will lose my job or my (daughter’s) dog will die. But there is the occasional one containing a very informative piece of information that deserves its own personal e-mail, or in this case, its own blog entry. Someone sent an e-mail to me (Marty, maybe?) about a product that we all have in our homes, and use on a regular basis. Aluminum Foil. Or Tin Foil, if you will. Have you ever pulled the entire roll out of the box while trying to unroll it? Have you ever cut your fingers on the little blade trying to stuff the roll back into the box? Well- this information is just for you. Go into your kitchen right now, pick up that box of aluminum foil. Turn it so that you are looking end-on. Do you see that little dot that says “press here”, or something to that effect? You just go right on ahead and press that little dot and see what happens! Lo and behold, there is another dot on the opposing end. Press that one too. NOW try pulling the foil out!!! WOW!! You can pull to your heart’s content, and the roll won’t come flying out of the box. Isn’t that clever?? Okay, so you know it has to cost R. J. Reynolds a lot of money to add that little feature on the box. Packaging would be far less expensive if they didn’t have to run the cardboard under the little perforator machine, and paint that little blue dot on there. So why don't they advertise this handy bit of information? Don't you wish you had known about it? This is valuable information! I am so excited that I just go around pulling tin foil out of the box for no reason at all. Check your other wrapper boxes too. Some of the cellophane wraps also have this nifty feature. Share this information with all your friends. And then go ahead… rip some foil!!!

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