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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Card Art

Well, since one of the purposes for my blog was to post photos of my *artwork* I'm feeling a bit frustrated that I haven't posted any. Of course you have no doubt enjoyed immensely the previously-posted photos of the grandchildren. Not even the finest art or craft work will hold a candle to those little love bunnies. That being said, I am dutifully posting a few photos of cards that I have made in the past. These are the only three samples that I have stored on this computer. What I really want to do is scan my scrapbook pages, but until I can locate a 12 x 12 scanner, I am just too lazy to learn the stitching program needed to fuse two images together. If I could do that, then I would post my pages in the CK gallery. Note to self: To-Do-List item #4,354: Learn the Arcsoft stitching program and post images to gallery. In the meantime, here are a few images. I'll probably add more later, so stop back by and check it out. Or, you could just click my link that says My CK Gallery. You'll see the same silly thing over there.
This is a birthday card for Jessica's 21st birthday. I used CB A2 embossing folder, twill ribbon, and a slider die. I used pearlized ink to highlight the embossing.
This is the invitation for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. I used the textile A2 embossing folder, one of the fancy schmancy sqaure dies, and the QK wedding ring set. I cut the diamond off the engagement ring, cut a slit in one of the gold bands, and entertwined them together. It's a good thing 50th anniversary only comes around once!

The final entry for today is a Mother’s Day card I made for mom last year. I totally copied this design from another CKMBer, but I don’t remember who, so I cannot give design credit where it is due. This card was made using (again) the textile A2 embossing folder, prima flowers, miscellaneous brads, and vellum. Gotta love my mom. After she looked at the card, I said
“Now gimme it back.”

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