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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Atlanta Scrapbook Expo

Scrapbook Expo Atlanta, here we come! The countdown frenzy is finally over. This time tomorrow afternoon we will be tired and worn out, but will dutifully roam from vendor to vendor “one last time” just to make sure we didn’t miss anything. This is an annual event for our little group. I think it is year number three for us as a group. I think it is number 5 for me personally. Imagine this: Archivers, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, _______ (enter your favorite craft or SB store here) all rolled into one venue with rows and rows of exhibitors. New products, techniques and ideas to drool over and try out. Door prizes and contests. Oh yeah, baby, we are so THERE! DJ, Delores, Tangela and I are heading out bright and early tomorrow morning. Just a quick drive through at the DQ for a biscuit and off we will go. I’m only taking cash, though, no debit card. I’m on a budget, and besides, there really isn’t anything I particularly need. *gasp! that was actually painful to my fingers to type that* Oh, there’s plenty that I want…. why I’m sure there some stuff that I want that I haven’t even seen yet! That’s always the way. I find these great bargains so that I can make gifts and cards and save money. Well, I think I could set up my own Hallmark/Santa Shop right at home with the supplies I already have on hand. So, I’m not planning on spending much at all this year. I am looking for one particular item for Corey’s scrapbook though. Last year I got a big diaper pin with pastel-colored beads to slide on it that spell “Leyland” for her book. I hope those folks are back again so I can get one for Corey. I’m packing snacks to take and a PBJ for lunch. $8.00 for a sandwich can buy a lot of paper! Oh, and I’m also taking some of those foamy ear plug thingies to use when the screaming gets too loud. You know the screams I’m talking about. Those blingy, sparkly, crafty, colorful, gotta-have things that scream “BUY ME, BUY ME!!” Talk to the hand. I’m going to be strong.

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  1. Sure sounds like fun! Enjoy yourself (and your pb & J - right with you on that one - $8 can get a lot of the screaming blingy stuff :)