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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Girls' Day & Night Out

Friday was great! First time in a while that our entire group met together for a crop. DJ, Delores and I took our stash down on Thursday night. Loading and unloading is quite a task, and it was a delightful change yesterday morning to have that chore out of the way. Now if we're completely honest, our crops are almost as much about eating as about scrapping, and this time was no exception. DJ and Del made spaghetti sauce, I made a salad (I wonder why they didn't want me to cook the sauce?!?) and others brought the rest of the fixins. At dinner time, the guys joined us and a grand feast was enjoyed by all. I did manage to bake some yummy peanut butter cookes, (from a mix of course, but yummy nonetheless), and while they were still warm, I smashed some Hershey Kisses into some of them and Reeces PB cups into the rest of them. MMM, MMM, MMM!!! Oh, and the scrapbooking- yes, that went well too. This time we had a printer on site which enabled us to do some journaling along the way. I don't know the collective total of pages completed, but I finished ten pages (five two-page LOs), I think DJ finished eight, a record for her! Barb finished 16. I'm not sure about Del, Tangela, Debbie or Marie. Needless to say, there was a whole lotta paper snippin going on. Who knew preserving memories could be such fun! Can't wait til next time!

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