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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Elmo's World

Leyland, my precious little granddaughter, fell in love with Elmo when she was a wee little thing, and "Elbo" was one of the first words she learned to say. It is amazing- we can be walking around the mall, Wal-Mart or even the grocery store, and she will start pointing and saying/squealing "Elmo, Elmo!!!!" (sometimes she still says Elbo). It may take me quite some time to spot the little red guy, but I learned long ago, that if she says "Elmo", then he is somewhere within her sight range. Yes, even the grocery store. Did you know you can buy canned vegetables with Elmo on the label? Honestly, there is a marketing genius living in a luxurious condo somwhere on Sesame Street. There's Elmo green beans, Elmo bubble bath, Elmo plush toys, Elmo electronic toys, Elmo garden flags, Elmo books and coloring books, Elmo coolers and diaper bags, Elmo sippy cups, plates, bath toys, and I promise, we even have a battery-operated Elmo bubble blower (for when mommy, daddy and grandma are too stinkin lazy to dip the wand and blow our own bubbles). And Thank You Lord for those Elmo DVDs!!!!! We have Elmo bibs, blankets, a pillow, jeans, shorts, shirts, backpacks, sweatshirts, PJs, and light-up tennis shoes. I think the kicker was when Whitney found an Elmo pappy. (that's pacifier, binkie, nuk, for those of you who don't speak Leyland). And that's just the Elmo stuff in MY house. There's way more stuff out there yet to procure. The girls and I are scrapbooking next Friday, and I'm going to finish up her First Year book. One of the LOs I'm doing will be called Elmo's World. If you don't find your way to Sesame Street very often, you may not realize that the lovable little fella has his own segment of the show called... you guessed it... Elmo's World. And there's an entire series of DVDs by the same name that explores subjects like Pets, Potty Training, What Makes You Happy and many, many others. So I thought it would be cute to do an Elmo's World LO for her scrapbook with wallet-sized photos of the various and sundry Elmo items found lying around my house. As I was pulling things out of boxes, nooks and crannies this morning, Whitney and I both were surprised at how much Elmo stuff there is. Daggone it, she ate the green beans, so there's no Elmo beans to photograph. So, that's my project for this evening. Take pictures of little red things. Then it's off to Sam's to get the photos. Later I am going into my craft room (tiny little thing that it is) and start pulling paper and photos together for Friday's crop.

And speaking of Sam's- let me just vent a little bit. I did photo shoots of Leyland at four weeks, and now Corey at five weeks. Did the nekkid thing with the bow on their backs and a little tag that says "From God". And another photo of them laying on a fluffy white towel inside a straw basket. Too cute for words. For another scrapbook page, I want to have the final photo (B&W version with the background in total black- Thank You Tangela!), and on the opposing page have wallet-sized out-take shots. I burned all the shots i wanted onto a CD, totally intended to go to Sam's after work yesterday to print them. Forgot to make the turn and ended up at Wal Mart. I decided to go ahead and do it in there, since I also had other shopping to do. Well.... I go to pick up my photos and it was THIRTY THREE DOLLARS!!!! I looked at the price sheet (yeah, I should have done that BEFORE uploading and ordering), and to my shock, a 4 x 6 sheet with two wallet-sized images on there costs fifty-eight cents!! At Sam's the identical thing is .17!! The lady who did the photos was so very nice and quick with my order, that I didn't want to just have a meltdown right there, so I walked around in the store with the photos in my buggy. When I got to the checkout, I just knew there was no way I wanted to buy those photos. So I carefully peeled my name/address/phone# off the envelope, and told the lady at the check-out that I didn't want the pictures, and explained why. (She agreed with me!!) Today I had a message on my phone to call the photo dept at Wal Mart to let them know if I wanted the pictures. DJ and Delores suggested that I offer to pay them Sam's price. So I called back and gave that a try. The lady was really nice, and counter-offered to let me have them for .29 per sheet. I really hate to be totally non-green about this, but I had to let her just go ahead and shred them. I'll just re-print them at Sam's when I go to print the Elmo ones. Dave Ramsey will be really proud of me for paying 17 cents as opposed to 58 cents!! I'm kinda proud of me too. Okay, I'm off to do my Elmo shoot while Leyland is still napping. That swimming pool just wears her sweet little self out.

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