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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Fun Video!

Sometimes I let my inbox fill to overflowing and just have to take a few minutes here and there to either delete or open all the e-mail that has collected.  I'm off work today pulling Greemaw duty while Whitney is out of town.  The munchkins are happily engaged in some serious Super Why on PBS Kids, so I stopped for a moment to begin the task of cleaning out my inbox.  After deleting the junk, I found there were some very interesting e-mails, some thought provoking, some simply entertaining.  One of my favorites fell into the latter category, and I thought after such a long week of heavy-hearted posting that I'd lighten it up a little bit and share this video with you.  It always makes me happy to see folks caught up in moments of fun just for the sake of having fun.  No hidden agenda, just enjoying life in the moment.  In this case the "someone" happens to be two dogs.  Click here to watch and enjoy!

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