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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hill's Ace Hardware, Winder

I think I may have written about my lawn mower troubles in the past.  Last summer I went through two brand new mowers, not counting the new one I had purchased the summer before.  Finally Lowe's just gave me back the money.  We had been borrowing Randy's mower, and Dustin was happy with it.  (Well, as happy as one can be this side of a riding mower.)  Randy got his at Hill's Ace in Winder and had told me to go there and check it out.  A few weeks ago I did just that, and was helped by a nice young man named Andrew, I believe.  He was very helpful not only with the lawn mowers, but also with a  couple of other home projects I was contemplating.  I didn't purchase the mower that day, but made the decision on which one I wanted.  A couple of Fridays ago I borrowed my dad's truck and went to get it.  Andrew wasn't there (but maybe he got commission anyway, since I told the other people he was my original personal shopper).  Another equally nice gentleman assisted me with the mower, we did the paperwork I paid for it, and I went on my merry way, happy to have a new mower. (Again.)  One of the things I liked about this purchase is that if there are problems with the mower I take it to the store and it is serviced there.  None of the nonsense that I experienced with Lowe's.  Dustin has used the mower and says it works just fine.  So that makes me a happy customer. 

While going through my mail today, I found something from Hill's.  I thought it might be the warranty card or something along those lines, since they input all the information for me at the store.  To my surprise, it was a hand-written note of thanks from the store (sorry, but I can't read the signature maybe John or Jim something).  They thanked me for my patronage, acknowledged that I have many choices for my purchases, and to please not hesitate to call them if they may be of service to me again.  Wow.  It took someone probably all of three minutes to write that little note.  But it is worth thousands of dollars in advertisement money to me.  I've shopped there many times before, and I have always received excellent service from knowledgeable people.  They have plenty of sales associates on hand, who are there to serve the customer.  So today my shout-out goes to Hill's Ace Hardware in Winder.  Not only for a positive shopping experience, but for their personal touch follow up in thanking me for a purchase.  Granted, a lawn mower costs a little more than a bag of nails or a hammer, but still it was less than $400.00.  Maybe I could almost see a note if I purchased enough lumber to build a house, or something on a much larger scale.... nah... even that would have surprised me.  At any rate, that personal note has ensured that in the future, if they've got what I need, I'll be buying it from them.  After all, Ace is the place with the Helpful Hardware Man!!

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