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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It Was Perfect!

Today we said our final goodbyes to Delores in a service that celebrated her life.   It was absolutely perfect!  I know she would have been so pleased.  It was the sweetest, most beautiful memorial service I have ever attended.  Marty and Joel gave eulogies that brought back so many happy memories. The slide show left us with the image of a young, happy and healthy Delores.  Micaela's poem was a heartfelt message.  The music selections were celebratory.  Bro. Gordon's personal memories of time spent and conversations with her over the past 12 years, the scripture passages, the message of hope and comfort... it was all perfect.

There are probably few things more difficult for a minister than to perform a funeral service.  Easier, no doubt, when he is assured that the departed has gone to be with the Lord, than when called upon to speak at the service of someone he doesn't know, or is unsure of their relationship (or lack thereof) with God.  Granted, the only time some folks step into a church is when a loved one passes.  Somewhere down the road, I reckon some preachers decided that once you've got them captive, it's time to bring down the hellfire and brimstone.  I try not to question the motivation of God's called, and perhaps this method has been effective in bringing some lost sheep into the fold.  If that is the case, then I am happy.  Normally, it's a turnoff to me personally.

Thankfully, today's service was so full of the life that she lived, her love for her family, her love for God, that no "sermon" was necessary.  Her life was her sermon.  Far from a perfect life, of course, but none who knew her would ever doubt her faith and her love for God.  The best "sermon" that we could have heard, was the testimony to that life, that faith, and that love.  I'm sure most people who left today can only hope that such things could be said about them when their time comes.  I know I sure did.  

The last few weeks, and especially the last few days, were so terribly difficult for her, that letting her go was a relief.  That was the easy part.  The hard part will be living without her. 

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